digital cameras

how good are the Sony 5 MP Cyber-shot Digital Cameras? the one in the commercial where they see somebody famous, and everybody breaks their camera except the person with this one. is it quick? have good resolution?zoom?what would you give it on a scale of 1-10?
thanks in advance.

I don’t know about that model in particular (or Sony cameras in general), but I have found to be very useful for evaluating digital cameras. For the more popular cameras they do exhaustive reviews that go on for pages and pages; for others, they give shorter reviews that are still quite useful. For example, one of the Sony 5MP models has an 18-page review here.
There are also discussion forums for various brands and models.

I have no direct experience with the Sonys, but my impression of them was always that they put features into them that sounded neat, but in practice were more of an impediment. This was confirmed for me by a friend who regretted his cybershot purchase, and switched to Olympus.

That said, the DSCT1 looks pretty good from what I’ve seen. The screen is great, but the controls look a little crowded. The size is fantastic though. I’d like to see an integrated lens cover, since that advantage of a camera this size is that you can just throw it in your pocket.

For my part, I’ve taken over 20,000 digital images between Nikon Coolpix 880, 900 and 8700. I love the Nikons.