Digital Video Input on A Television

I’m shopping around for a small flat panel television (8 inch to 15 inch screen). Some say that they have no “digital video input.” Does that mean that I would be unable to connect it to a cable box that receives digital signals?

Any suggestions – especially for televisions that have DVD players?

I’m thinking that means that you’ll be able to hook it up to any cable box and then use the coax out on the box to coax in on the tv and be just fine. If you can provide the make/model of the TV we can probably tell you more.

I’m thinking it probably just has a coax input and no YPbPr/RGB/Composite

I haven’t decided on a make and model yet. I’m finding this information on several of the smaller screened TVs. Thanks for the response!

Can you give me an example of one? If I can find a picture of the back of it, I can help more.

Highly recommend the Sharp Aquos LCD. I just bought two of them and they’re great. You don’t need a DVI input on a screen that small in order to enjoy HD viewing. Your digital box should connect just fine, as digital decoders normally have standard coax connections and component connections as well as the DVI port.

This is the problem with cutting-edge consumer electronics. Just look at the problem ** KlondikeGeoff** is having.

My grumpy old man suggestion is DON’T buy a digital TV that doesn’t have a DVI input – and all the other inputs available. Sooner or later (probably sooner, the way these things go) someone will come up with some damn offering that will absolutely, positively require a DVI connection.

But trying to be a little more helpful, check the back of the cable box and the back of your intended TV. There should be a couple of inputs/outputs that match up, in which case you’ll be fine.

Check what kinds of outputs the cable box has. It almost certainly has coax (i.e. RF) and composite (a single yellow RCA jack) outputs. If it is HD or otherwise advanced, it may also have component out (red, green, and blue RCA jacks), HDMI, or DVI. These last two are multi-pin computer-style connectors.

Your TV needs to have at least one of these connectors for its input. If it says “no digital video input” it won’t have HDMI or DVI, or a VGA connector, like computer monitors use. But it almost certainly will have a coax or composite input, so you’ll be able to use either of them.

If you’re not spending much for the TV, or only intend to use it with this cable box and nowhere else, the lack of digital inputs may not be a problem. But as others have suggested, you may not be able to use the TV in ways you’d like to, and will have to buy another one.

So spending a little extra for digital inputs now is a hedge against future obsolescence.