Video switcher for several component/DVI sources? Warning -- Jargon!

I have a DLP TV with a DVI input. My computer video card has a DVI out, and I’m figuring on getting a DVD player with one. Also the cable installer guy told me that if I harass the cable company enough I can get a cable box with a DVI output. In the meantime, I have I have 4 sources with component video outputs (2 DVD players, an HD antenna/receiver box, and an HD cable box), and two more with standard video output.

I was shopping for a home theater receiver/amp that could handle all these, and the only thing that came close was this $4.5K Plus Sony monster. It will take 2 DVI and 3 component video ins, along with a huge number of audio channels for surround systems. So if I plug in my computer and switch one DVD player to a new one with DVI out, and DON’T get a new box fom the cable company, this can handle all my signals. But all the boxes I would plug into the receiver don’t add up to even $1K total, and spending that amount of money seems ridiculous.

Do I have a cheaper alternative if I look at different boxes to handle my video and audio signals? The bottleneck is the number and type of video signals – I have found numerous MUCH cheaper (under $1K) receivers that can handle all the audio signals I have.

Can somebody point me to some video-only gear that might handle the job. It’s gotta work by wreless remote.

The product you want (multi-DVI input receivers) apparently does not exist yet at a rational price point, but will more than likely be available in a few months to a year or so as DVI output products continue to proliferate.

In the meantime here is a 2 to 1 outboard DVI switcher for $ 250. with remote control that will let you get a reasonably priced receiver with a single DVI inpout.

Gefen HDTV DVI Switcher

The stuff you want is right around the beind timewise. It might be best to simply live with component analog out for a few more months, and a total solution will be available in the near future.