Dilantin. Is my dosage too low?

I’ve been taking 200mg of Dilantin a day for years now. I don’t fool around, either: I take it at the same time every day, even if it means bringing it to a party or something. Yet my doctor keeps telling me my blood test shows a level that’s too low. Should I be taking more, then? I don’t see how it could be my error.

I’m not a doctor, just an epileptic with experience with Dilantin. It’s processed in the liver. Epilepsy Foundation #1 trusted site for epilepsy and seizure news
Maybe your liver isn’t processing it so well anymore? I hated dilantin. I found much better results with Zonegran.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at.

Clearly you are adherent, or compliant, with your prescribed dosage. However, as the blood tests show, even when you are faithfully taking your Dilantin, its level in your blood stream is felt to be “too low” (presumably that means subtherapeutic). I’m not suggesting that you increase your dose, but in someone who’s compliant, the only way to increase the blood level is to take more of the drug*

(*that being said, Dilantin is one of those drugs which is prone to the interfering effect of other drugs. So, for example, if someone on Dilantin takes, say, Tagamet, their blood level will go up. A heavy drinker may have his Dilantin levels go down. Look here, under drug interactions.)


Only your doctor can answer this question correctly. There are too many variables to consider when answering a question like this, and I’m absolutely positive none of the MDs on this board would even consider advising you to increase your dosage with the information you’ve provided.

See your doctor.

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