Ding dong DOMA's dead!

Yes, China and Russia cracking jokes about Obama is definitely way, way, way more important than civil rights inequality in our own fucking country.

No. The doctrine of res iudicata (legal Latin for “no do-overs”) bars relitigation of the issue.

No, you’re right. The Ninth Circuit was overturned as to the issue of standing only (whether it was allowed to hear the case), not on the merits. Standing is a threshold test and courts don’t consider any of the actual issues if there isn’t standing.

I’ve seen a lot of this from various right-wingers (especially my TP sister-in-law): “Why are we talking about this non-issue? It’s not important and was never, ever considered an issue worth even mentioning by the Republicans ever! DOMA was all Clinton’s idea! Let’s get back to talking about how terrible Obama is and how sour these grapes are!”

Least I Could Do weighs in with what seems to be the logical conclusion.

Unless you were watching CNN, in which case the focus was on something else.

Hot, damn hot, with a lot of rain at times.

Please explain why the Patriot Act applies to everyone ( including me ) that isn’t a US citizen, regarding keeping all our e-mails.

…which could, someday, lead to “Happily Ever After”.
A guy in the crowd turns to another guy in the crowd
“…[SIZE=“1”]NOT Only in New York…”[/SIZE]

The way the media are dwelling on this leads me to think that a majority of the population in the US is homosexual.
According to Wikipedia, most western countries have about 3% homosexuals with the UK having 3.6% and Brasil with a wopping 6.3%.
However, the US, according to the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law has 1.7%, so why is it such a big deal? Sure beats me.

::shrugs:: Gay rights are human rights, such that ending discrimination against a small minority that ain’t hurting anybody is praiseworthy.

Something Something Judge A Society By How It Treats Its Weakest Members, Something Something The Least Of These, Something Something Godwin.

Sections 1 and 2 of DOMA are still valid.

For those arguing with Doggo, please keep in mind that he is a British national currently living in an unnamed east Asian country who has never been to the US, hasn’t done any particular research on the US, and in fact knows very little about the US besides the fact that he doesn’t much like it.

Consider, for example, the post in his recent angry thread Living on Native American land where he chastised Americans for keeping Native Americans, and I quote, ‘confined to “reservations”.’

So, yeah, folks. Use short, simple sentences.

Or possibly an Australian national. My apologies to Britain and my condolences to Australia.

I think Doggo raises an excellent point. Gay marriage is, let’s face it, a minor issue affecting a tiny minority of Americans. So, why has the Republican party spent so much time and money making it into a national issue? A couple in Hawaii want to get married, and a Hawaiian court says they’re allowed to do it. Republicans pass legislation at the national level preventing the federal government from recognizing gay marriage. A mayor in a small coastal city starts handing out marriage licenses to anyone who wants them. Republicans in 29 states across the union pass laws banning gay marriage. A couple challenges one of those bans and wins in a state court. Republicans from all over the country come crawling out of the woodwork, and force the case all the way to the supreme court.

So, I echo Doggo’s question. Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and untold man hours making gay marriage one of the leading social issues of the 21st century. When the hell are they going to stop yammering on about it and start doing their jobs?

They are doing their jobs. Their job is to get themselves elected by pandering to people, so they then can do what they really want to do. Or their job is to keep America on the straight and narrow so God won’t smite us. That’s what they believe.

If you think that I was angry then, you obviously haven’t seen real anger.

True that I have never been there, but I am affected by your wars and the world wide recession caused by your housing bubble.
I am also not impressed by the fact that you are using up much of the worlds resources at an alarming rate, and that you continue to pollute at extraordinary levels.
The US does, however, make some damn fine movies and tv, though they made a tragic mistake in cancelling Twin Peaks before it was resolved, a crime for which there is a special circle of hell reserved for those responsible.

Section 1 is (paraphrasing) “the name of this Act shall be The Defense of Marriage Act.” That, I can live with.

I am looking forward to section 2 being struck down, though.

The same reason your postal service can open letters I send to wherever you live. Don’t send e-mails via US servers if you don’t want them being kept.

If you are saying they can open mail without cause, just at random, no reason, that is wrong!

Amid all the celebration, doesn’t it bother anyone that the decision came down to only one fucking vote?