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Might i say thanks for promoting australia as a wonderful place for tourists, cecil. :stuck_out_tongue:
No, honestly, every word you said was true, but i can imagine health insurers over there laughing when they see the words “Mauled by a fairy penguin” in the accident description.
You did forget about two of Australia’s worst predators though: The stonefish and the platypus.
The stonefish…it also attacks unprovoked, as the name suggests it resembles a stone…and is seen in many rocky areas of the east coast. Unfortunatley, when stepping on this supposed stone…Do you want the long version or the short version?
Long version: You’re finished
Short Version: Bye!
The platypus…one of the two monotremes (egg laying mammals - the echidna is the other one, also an aussie native) on earth, little known fact is the male has a poisonous spur on his back leg. This will only be used when provoked however.
I’m just saying you could have used these as someof your nasties about australia as well
Oh yeah, and Mel Gibson mentioned on a recent edition of David Letterman that he was bitten by a dingo while hitchiking.

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In Australia, do dingoes really eat babies? (22-Sep-2000)

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Ah, but Cecil did refer to the most toxic hazard in Australia: Vegemite! :eek:

Welcome to the Boards Jmz. The fairy penguin issue was remarked upon in an earlier thread where JillGat points out the hidden dangers of the Predaceous Ravagebird. The thread is also notable for two posts by the Perfect Master himself.

As for your examples, the stonefish and the platypus: I’m not sure that the stonefish can really be said to “attack” (it just lies there and you step on it). Otherwise when I am vegetating on the couch I might equally be said to be menacing abutting principalities.

As for the platypus, whilst you are right in saying they are poisonous, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s seen one in the wild. They are very shy.

Good job in scaring the tourists though. :slight_smile:

As for Colibri: you leave our beer waste-product gourmet breakfast delights alone, bucko.

picmr, I knew I had been in the Antipodes far too long (EnZed, to be precise) when I caught myself voluntarily putting the stuff on my toast one morning. I immediately signed myself in to detox. :wink:

You said it! My Australian step-mother once fixed me a Vegemite sandwich. She kept insisting, “But it’s so delightfully savory!” But I couldn’t gargle with bleach fast enough.

She’s a wonderful woman, but I haven’t eaten a thing she’s given me since without careful inspection first.