"Dingo saved my bay-by!"

"When a dog saves a baby, now, that’s news!

Dunno if I’d have named her “Angel,” though. Maybe “Fido,” or “Rover.” Wonder what happened to the dog? That wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the story!

Here’s the story on msnbc. While not mentioned in the article itself, the caption for the picture at the top implies that the dog was subsequently adopted. I would hope so! They ought to name her “Wonder Dog” or something …

Good dog! :: gives out biscuits, petting ::

“Don’t call that dog ‘Shithead’…call him ‘Life Saver’!”

I suppose they could have named the kid “Azaria”, just to confuse everyone. :slight_smile:

Wonderful dog, though :slight_smile: I hope dog and puppies now all get good homes too.

Dammit, Eve. Now all I can think of is this vague memory of some woman saying clearly and loudly “The dingo ate your bay-by” and I have no idea what the context was or who said it. But I’m giggling like a moron because I remember that it was damned funny at the time.

Jeez, you’re irritating sometimes!

Hmm. Sunuvabitch.


No, not that one. [url=http://www.straightdope.com/columns/000922.html]This one.['url]

Your specific instance could have been any of several thousand parodies but the original “dingo ate my baby” moment is from the Meryl Streep movie A Cry in the Dark, about the true story of an Australian woman accused of murdering her baby and who claimed it was carried off by wild dogs. Whether Streep actually says “dingoes at my baby” or words to that effect I don’t know, not having seen the movie.

[url=http://www.straightdope.com/columns/000922.htmlThis one.

Ok. Yeah, it was one of the three Seinfeld episodes I’ve seen. Elaine had been drinking, right? OK. Right. Um…OP. I wonder why the doggie didn’t rip up the baby & feed it to the pups? Seems like the canine thing to do.

he he he … :smack:

I was going to start a thread, “The hell happened to tbe dog?”
Thanks for the MSNBC link. CNN had no pic. She looks like your Basic Yellow Dog. I expected at a keg around her neck, or Buck from Call Of The Wild..
At least a red cape. :slight_smile:

JonScribe, don’t take this too hard, but I don’t think you should code anymore. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That is one amazing dog. All too often we hear about dogs mauling kids, and now we have a hero! I knew the good ones were still out there!

In case anybody is interested, Dingo is Goofy’s French name.

I think not. It’s Maladroit.

Let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe it was time to wean the puppies: “Mmm, tender and juicy, and in a doggie bag no less!”

Mother dogs have been known to nurse other species, kittens, tiger cubs, squirrels, etc., it’s not unusual that the dog would be maternal for a human baby. Don’t forget about all those stories about kids being raised by wolves.
By the way, I think the line in the movie was “The dingo’s got my baby.”

Hell, try Romulus or Remus. That’s an auspicious start.