Dining in the dark: Would you?

There are a few of these restaurants in the U.S.


I find the idea of eating in total darkness kinda freaky. I like to see what I’m eating. But I guess that goes against their philosophy.

What do you say?

I plan on trying it out.

No, I can barely tolerate candle lit dinners.

I’m too paranoid there might be a roach in my food. (or something to that effect.)

I wouldn’t make a special trip to do it, but I probably would if I were in town and had nothing else going on.

Not at those prices.

It’s too gimmicky and theatrical for me. I like to see what I’m eating.

I would go if friends or relatives really wanted to do it and really wanted me to join them. But it’s not something that appeals to me in any way. Whatever the point is doesn’t grab me.

[hijack]The linked site has sound with no obvious way to make it shut up. I HATE that. That in itself would make my patronizing that company a very hard sell.[/hijack]

If I were dating a totally hot blind person who wanted to eat there and it would definitely get me laid, then yes.

Otherwise, no.


I’m fine with paying well for really nice meals. And I’m fine with these types of events being used as a base for charity (which I’ve…um…“seen” done). But the menu looks entirely like a pretty basic meal, not at all tailored to whatever experience one is supposed to have at this event, at four times its normal price. No way. That’s too much for a gimmick.

I’m not really sure what the point is. Ambiance? “LOOK HOW QUIRKY I AM”-itude?

You go for the anti-status. It’s a place to not see and not be seen.

There was a little icon in the upper left corner that mutes it. Too late, though.

I wouldn’t go at those prices, and I’d worry about knocking my drink onto my lap.

I have a friend who went there. She said the food was just OK, and she probably wouldn’t go again.

EDIT: OK, checked with her; she said the food was bad and she would definitely recommend against going.

I can see where it might be an interesting experience. Blind servers, really? But no way would I pay $99 to sit in the dark and eat chicken. Let me know when Chile’s has a ‘dine in the dark’ night and I’ll see you there.

It’s gotta be less risky than dancing in the dark.

Wouldn’t it be terribly messy? It sounds like you’d be groping for your food, how unpleasant.

Sure, if I can pay in the dark. Definitely wouldn’t order escargot.

Edit: forgot to add the :rolleyes:

Even the website was annoying and unpleasant.

If I was a food critic I would rave about the paintings on the wall.

Hopefully the bathrooms are lit as well as the exits.

Ditto, except that I could totally see setting up a dinner like that at home, choosing foods for the occasion, etc.

Hell, it sounds like Halloween haunted house in 5th grade.

‘So, what’s in THIS bowl? IT’S EYEBALLS!!!
Now EAT the eyeballs!’

Mmm, peeled grapes!

More fun to do this at home, I’d think.
The food experiment, I mean. Not the haunted house stuff. You definitely want an audience for that. :smiley:

Oh, we used to do that. Raw liver was the scariest thing when you were blindfolded. (Probably if you could see it, too.)