I've won a competition to take your favourite performer out for a meal, do you want it?

I’ve won a competition with the prize the chance to take the person who happens to be your favourite performer, (so actor, singer etc. but not author, scientist etc.), out for a meal. The competition lets you go out for a meal and talk for the duration that a reasonable meal takes. You pay for the entire meal, this is not necessarily stinginess on the performer’s part, simply how the competition is set up.

So given you’re paying and all you’ll get is the chance to chat to your favourite star over the course of a dinner; do you want to go, where would you take him/her and would you pay me extra for the opportunity? If so, how much?

Rereading it I can spot a possible item of confusion: you would be taking over the opportunity outright, it would just be you and him/her. You would not be my +1

A meal with Tom Waits would be worth whatever I could scrape together, how much are you asking?

When the diner waitress brought our meals, and Tom said something, I’d reply, “Hey, ya mind? I’m trying to eat!” as my first words. Assuming he didn’t storm out, it’d be an amazing experience.

Well, Robert Heinlein’s dead and zombie Heinlein would probably just lecture me about my life choices so I’d probably choose the guys from Rush. Strikes me they’d be interesting conversationalists.

I’d turn it down.

I find I usually don’t like performers as defined in the OP as people no matter how much I like their work product.

I’d take Pink to Mikuni Japanese Restaurant. I saw a tweet by her once where she thanked them for another great meal, so I think she’d like the meal and so would I.

I assume that the parameters of the deal mean just one performer, not a whole band or group. So, I would take Geddy. Over forty years as a professional musician, a passionate baseball collector, and a sharp wit.

The question is does he come to my town or do I travel to where he is? Either way, find the restaurant with the best wine cellar in town and let him do the choosing.

There are so many performers I love that it’s hard to nail down just one so I’ll eliminate the ones I lust over; that narrows the list considerably. Then there are those I admire but seem like they’d be rather unpleasant - I’m looking at you, Chrissie Hynde and Morrissey.
Jimmy Fallon seems like he’d be fun. I believe he’s down to Earth enough to enjoy dining within my means and apparently he drinks a lot so not only will that ease the tension, it could possibly prolong our date.

Yeah, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

I’d take them out to any sort of restaurant I liked and just chat with them about various things.

I wouldn’t mind paying a 60 or 70 dollar or whatever bill if we’re having a good time.

I’d be too gobsmacked to actually talk to Sir Alice, so I’m going to pick Christopher Walken. I bet that not only would he have a billion cool stories to tell, but I could listen to him talk all day anyway.

So basically you would be holding this person hostage? Why would I do that to another person? But beyond that, why would I want to bore someone with my mundane banter and pestering questions? If it was someone I respected why would I want to torture them?

I was thinking more in terms of, for whatever consideration they’re getting from the competition creator, had agreed to spend an hour or so with an as yet unknown winner of the competition. They’re also not forced to engage with you, although you’d expect that the kind of person you’d want to win a date with would be happy to meet you halfway. For the hypothetical scenario it’s not that you get a blank choice of who you’ll be spending the meal with, it’s that they’ve already done it before you even hear about it, and just by coincidence it happens to be the exact person you’d have chosen.

Well aren’t *you *fun?:stuck_out_tongue: Assuming they’re getting something out of it (pay, publicity, whatever) I’d hardly consider that being held hostage. Sorry that you see yourself as a boring, mundane, torturous pest. I think Jimmy and I would have a fun time.

I don’t think I’d like to watch my favorite actor or musician eat.

“Oh jesus, he got soup on his necktie. Do I tell him?”

“I can’t stop staring at the bit of spinach caught in her front teeth…”

There was a contest to watch a Blue Jays game with those Tim and Sid dingbats - an offer I’d take up it wasn’t for Sixiero’s apparently rank hygiene problem, so I’d just go with having a greasy diner meal with Sam Peckinpah.
In '75.
I might have been 11 then.

I think the person I would expect to be the best company is Derren Brown the English mentalist and illusionist. He is a very intelligent guy and has an appealing sense of humor.

In looking him up I noticed for the first time that he shares my birthday and that he has a book out this very day. So I downloaded it and will have it to discuss at dinner.

I’d go get pizza and beer with Bill Burr.

Too bad George Carlin is dead.

I’ll settle for Charlize Theron, so long as she understands that I won’t have sex on a first date. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interestingly absent from the question, is, “Who would you invite?” Here where I live, it’s hard to find a restaurant with menu prices over 20 bucks, so I’d probably take singer Aster Akewe to have fresh gulf seafood at Kathy’s, which is in a pole barn in nearby Port O’Connor, Texas. We’d talk about the revolution in Ethiopia when Haile Selassie fell, which is why Aster left Ethioipia.

I originally thought that most of my favorite performers generally have prickly personalities, and a dinner with them would probably be awkward. But then I remembered that I met Bob Log III after one of his shows, and he was just as awesome and nice without the helmet on. So, yeah, I’d take Bob Log III out to any restaurant he liked.