A celebrity you don't like or a random Doper?

Based on my Sinatra v. Ellison thread. Putting it here so nobody needs to be coy.

Would you rather spend an evening with a celebrity you dislike or with a randomly chosen Doper?

The celebrity can’t be someone you’ve actually met. You’re celebrity has to be somebody you strongly dislike based on what you know from the media.

The Doper will be randomly chosen from the membership. You could get anybody who isn’t banned.

I’ll go with the random Doper. I don’t like everybody here, but an evening with a putz like Czarcasm or Colibri would still be better than an evening with Chris Christie.

Yeah, I’ll roll the dice with the random doper. Why on earth would I purposely spend the evening with someone I already know I detest?

What rules apply to my interaction with the vic…the celebrity?

I could happily spend a whole evening at a nice restaurant sitting across from someone like Trump, repeatedly calling him a cunt and taking the piss out of everyone of their flaws and weaknesses. Hell, I’d pay for the opportunity.

The only celebrity that I can think of that I care enough about to dislike is Omarosa. So I’d have to pick random doper too.

I kind of like Gary Kumquat’s approach. “I’m not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with ME!”


nm el wrongo

I’m not sufficiently sadistic or lawless enough to be able to properly use my opportunity to have a hated celebrity unable to escape me for an evening, so I’ll take random doper.

If they’re expecting me to entertain them, I fully expect them to be disappointed by the evening. I mean, my TV is nice, but I never assume I have anything in my DVD collection that they’d like. I suppose if they remember their Netflix password we could use that…

Do we define a doper as anyone who has ever registered here, or, a poster who’s had a relatively substantial amount of posts (however the heck that would be defined.)
If the former, I’m not sure if I’d wanna risk the honour of having a beer across from herefortheluluz or alphacuckdestroyer666. Probably just quaff one with Udo Kier or Vincent Gallo instead.

A celebrity that earns a reputation as an asshole is probably going to be an asshole full time.

I have a feeling that many of the more colorful posters may acted differently in person. I know I’m much more personable in real life. And stunningly handsome.

I met one long term colorful poster who was eventuality banned IRL. He was charming and pleasant. On the board he could be a prickly bastard.

It would depend on the celebrity. I don’t really follow celebs so most I don’t know enough about to really develop an opinion on. My most hated Celebrity is Donald J. Trump and I would love to spend an evening with him in the hopes of possibly influencing future policy.

But if it was between Kayne West and a doper, I’d choose the doper.

Even after I adjusted to the auto-correct changing it from adverb to abstract noun, I still misread that as him being banned in real life.
If I got saddled with Machineaforce or JohnClay, would I be able to pick again? :o

Doper. Easy choice. Even with the risk of drawing Starvers.

Frankly, I’d *love *to have the dice come up Hurricane or Octopus.

There aren’t many celebrities I strongly dislike. But… I’d rather have dinner with a random person than a person I strongly dislike. So I opt for the doper.

For those choosing dopers, here’s your pick. Go to the number in the corner of your post and put your cursor over it. Look at the last 2 digits of the post number. For my post it’s 89:


Now check out this list of random dopers. I used this set of random character strings from random.org, to find posters whose username started with various 3 character strings.


I started with the first letters and kept entering and re-entering them until I got some names in the user name box under advanced search. Here is the numbered list:

[spoiler] My methodology tended to pick out spammy names. I suspect many of them have been banned, which conflicts with the OP. Oh well. Here’s the list. I’ve heard of only a couple of them.

1 zfksxxmc
2 CJValant
3 cjvard10
4 OishiiZilya
5 oishmosh
6 xisaac
7 xiseeux
8 xistespaa
9 Xistusmout
10 cfwrinhklf
11 slianuko
12 slibid
13 slice
14 Sliced Alone
15 SlicelekHen
16 SLICg
17 SLiCk
18 Slick Goodlin
19 Slick Willy
20 slick1ny
21 slick2462
22 slickedge
23 Slicker
24 Slickity
25 slickmick1015
26 Bmw1987
27 bmw2005
28 bmw330cii
29 bmw7777
30 BMWLover2012
31 bmwm4
32 bmwt
33 jovan
34 jovannisa
35 Jove
36 jovelle
37 jover
38 Jovers
39 jovi
40 jovi1010
41 jovialsam
42 jovisma1
43 jovius
44 Jovi_Balani
45 jovubovip
46 jovuxieue
47 FrVideoXXX
48 FrVisi
49 swytch
50 swyves
51 swyytch
52 lnkn_prk_dragon
53 HCN4
54 hcnlut
55 kjkjkkjpoii
56 kjkjnk
57 kjkolb
58 Try As I Might…
59 Try Not To Over Think
60 Try This
61 Try2B Comprehensive
62 try2keeepup-arnold,oldchap
63 try2keepuparnoldoldchap
64 try2kepup-arnold,oldchap
65 trydnostalo
66 tryerot
67 tryfonaration
68 trygo
69 Trygve
70 trygvenv
71 tryhangary1911
72 Tryin’togetit
73 umyes
74 mwhahaha
75 mwhale
76 mwhittle
77 wdy
78 wdyn1
79 Avumede
80 wcw68
81 Ghabroum
82 ghady
83 ghalen SutaI’ muchwI’
84 ghamm1
85 ghanchat
86 ghandi5569
87 ghania
88 Ghanima
89 ghanistha
90 Ghansyqf
91 ghantaghar738
92 ghantasingh
93 gharbanao
94 gharp
95 gharris
96 wrq70745
97 mypad15
98 mypadiman
99 myparadym
100 MyParentsAreProud
[/spoiler] Anyway the evening went ok. My dinner companion yammered on about sports betting while I read the newspaper.


Would I need a bodyguard?

Let’s say we met what would you want to do? Racquetball? A board game? A stroll in the gardens? You got me curious!

I guess I’d take my chances with a random doper.

Who’s picking up the tab? If the celeb is buying, I’ll go that route.

By “celebrity I don’t like” I assume you mean Roseanne Barr, right? Man, that would be rank. She’d be constantly stuffing canapés in her mouth, while simultaneously attempting to monopolize the conversation, spraying bits of canapé and spittle all over me. And her farts would be devastating.

I’ll take the random doper, thanks.

Pretty much what I was thinking. The GIFT effect tells me that pretty much even the worst Dopers are decent enough in person. And the vast majority I’ve had at least some pleasant interactions with.

The only reason I could see picking the celebrity would be bragging rights, really. Telling them they’re an asshole seems like a bad idea since they probably have money and thus power.

Random doper! Ab-so-tively. I’m nearly certain that most of you are not serial killers. :smiley: