What celebrity would make a good Doper?

Inspired by this post where I mention how (former) porn star Asia Carrera would make a good doper: she’s smart (says she is/was a Mensan), a self-described geek, lives in St. George Utah (something about that strikes me as being Doper-y, along the lines of the "Ask the … " threads, ie “Ask the liberal who is living in a red state”), and an outspoken atheist. Not to mention the built-in “Ask the (former) A-list porn star” thread/request that would come.

Anyone else famous that would make a good Doper?

Wil Wheaton would be a lot of fun. He’s smart and geeky and generates a lot of online content already… his twitter feed (wilw) is one of the best I’m subscribed to.

Also Brent Spiner - I love his twitter feed, too. He answers questions from the general public - with lots of Grade A snark. Plus, he writes with excellent spelling and grammar.

I was in St. George a few months ago; nothing terribly Doperrific about it that I noticed.

Now, Cedar City, on the other hand…

Geena Davis.

No nothing Doper-y about St. George, the Doper part is having a liberal in St. George, that strikes me as Doper-y.

To heck with having her as a Doper, I just want to have her! :wink:

You know? She’s probably doing a vanity search right now. And you’ve just frightened her away! :mad:

Neil Armstrong.

I wonder whether Barack Obama would make a good Doper. If he has time, that is…

So being a liberal atheist is now a litmus test for what makes a good Doper?

I’d like to see Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Ann Coulter show up just to give the place a modicum of balance. (and to watch the usual suspects’ heads explode).

Non-political, fun type posters I’d like to see include Spider Robinson and Mick Foley. Well, ok, Foley is a liberal, but he’s also funny.

Nah, Edwin Aldrin. His username could be Punchmeister Ed or No Time For Idiots. :smiley:

I don’t think he’s allowed.

I think John Stewart would make a great doper, and also Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan. You can never have too much humor on a board like this!

Rush, Coulter and Beck. I thought they were members.

Glen Beck and Ann Coulter? I thought they were already here.

You mean aside from the fact that an IMHO mod lives in the center of town?


Is this a joke? Or have I missed their appearances?

Holy crap, I’m** gonzomax!**

I’d suggest William Shatner, but it would be tough for him to translate to a new medium:

I HAVE often FELT that minarETS

wouldbe a reasonablearchitecturalfeature
in Switzerland.


I felt that Coulter and Beck, in particular, typify the raving, frothing over-the-top type of poster that we sometimes encounter on the SDMB. Not the average person, and certainly not the typical Doper conservative, whom I find to be thoughtful and well spoken, but rather the occasional soon-to-be-banned nutbar of any political stripe.

So no, I don’t think they post here. I figured you had made spur-of-the-moment choices of conservative talking heads, and as a result had come up with mostly carpet-chewing voices of the right. I assume that you would have drawn from deeper on the conservative bench if you’d thought about it.

How about: POW! Right to the moon!

Ah. You’re right, sorta. I’d rather have some actual starters for “our side” instead of the scrubs I listed. But it would be amusing to watch the fireworks ensue if those three were to wade into GD. I think Czarcasm could outsnark Coulter without breaking a sweat…