The stereotypical doper

What is the stereotypical doper?

We are a varied group, but we are not that varied, when you think about it. Most have us have college degrees, or at least read a few books in our time. But what I want is a one sentence stereotype. One sentence. Example below:

Dopers are the people who either joke or argue about a subject that they only know enough about to be dangerous.

Dopers often misspell a word in the thread title.

Dopers leave no nit unpicked

Dopers love awful puns.

Dopers are liberal atheist cat lovers. Except the ones that aren’t.

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“Any fool in error can find a Google cite to back him up.”


Each doper is an expert in something.

Dopers are tenacious.

Dopers post in the SDMB

Paint with a broad brush much?

Dopers have a need to redundantly state their identities. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think mine would be: “Dopers: no topic too silly to argue vehemently about.”

Dopers over-generalize.


Dopers are correct, correct, or are corrected.

Dopers are smart enough to figure out every problem in the world, from politics and economics to physics, computers and Quantum mechanics, but they can’t figure out the problems with their own lives.

I think mine would be: “Dopers: no topic too silly to argue vehemently about.”

Someone once asked in a thread about fleching "That’s disgusting. Is anything too sick for you people to discuss?

Someone made the reply I always quote when people ask about this place: Too sick, no. Too stupid, yes.

Dopers: sometimes you have to fight ignorance WITH ignorance!

Dopers slay sacred cows.

ETA: And serve them with bacon!

The most arrogant reclusives you shall ever (sort of) meet!