What species of Doper are THEY?

In this thread:

Some rabble-rouser offers a partial taxonomy of this board. And pretty much wimps out when it comes to classifying fellow human dopers. (I know, the Scylla thing, but I have it on good authority he plays the pan flute and roams naked through the woods.) But why should you? Classify your fellow Dopers under the stipulation only ONE of the designations may apply. Hell, with so much flirting around here, not surprising most of us see ourselves as heterogenous half-breeds. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a predominant characteristic, and all. Hopefully this thread will stay out of the Pit for a while.

Um, I was told this was the thread for blowing up a cat.

It isn’t is it? I should have known better.

Sorry to have troubled you. 'Bye

[sub]damn that inor![/sub]

You called me unreliable. I refuse to post to this thread.