Am I the only one who has no idea of the sex of other dopers?

I’m always astounded when I see someone who I always assumed was male referred to as “she” or vice versa. I’ve always made assumptions based on the impression made on me by the username and sometimes the writing style. It’s amazing to me that so many dopers know the sex of so many other dopers and it’s most often revealed in either GD or The Pit where other poster’s are often referred to.

Is there a Doper sex listing I’m not aware of? :wink:

If there is such a list, I’d be curious about some of the names that have no gender clues at all. I have made enough errors of assuming one and learning it’s the other, that I guess I try to be as non-gender-specific as possible until I see definite proof of which gender is involved.

I’m male, FWIW.

I just take the high road and use a gender neutral term. It takes a little bit longer, but then i don’t want to humiliate myself.


Why, yes, and it only costs $49.95 a month* for the matching service. Join today and have sex with the Doper of your choice!

  • Disclaimer: 18 and older only. Sex not guaranteed- hell, you’ll be lucky if they even talk to you. YMMV. Other conditions apply. Offer not valid on Earth.

Gender confusion is fairly common on the SDMB. You certainly aren’t the only one who gets confused, KidCharlemagne.

There was a thread started up where posters deeclared their gender recently, I think in this forum.

BTW – I’m a she-wolf. :slight_smile:

What’s even worse is when you DO find out the sex you don’t know their orientation. I offered to have fun in the sack with OTTO and he crawled in the corner in a fetal postion and rocked himself to comfort. How was I suppose to know he was gay? He was sexy on the outside! He wanted me he just didn’t know it.:smiley:

Well, Kiddo, I don’t know of a sex listing. There has recently been an attempt for a listing of genders of Dopers, though. See Idle Thoughts Your Gender is important to me.

But of course such a list is considered cheating. Real Dopers just know.

Or so I’ve heard.

Sexy on the outside? You met him?

LOL no I didn’t meet him in real life. Just from the way he wrote…
I just got an image.

hasn’t that ever happened to you? You talk to someone on the internet or just on the phone, never have met and you get an image of what they look like, hair color, shape of body, etc…

Otto is cute in my book.

Some forums tell the sex of each member under his name. Of course, everyone would just try to be clever about it, and we’d end up with mostly “Sex: Sex: Sex”…

What that guy Isabelle said.

I purposely chose a name that’s gender-neutral, although I don’t keep my gender a secret. Except in this thread.

Hell, I’ve been hit on, and I’m a straight male. I assure you though, I’m quite stunning in an evening gown. At least, I imagine I would be. If I shaved and all.

Well, you can’t tell from looking at my user name.

But if you must know, I’ll give you three guesses.

No such listing, Kid, but comfort yourself knowing that you’re not the only one feeling surprised when someone’s gender is revealed…e.g. I thought danceswithcats was a kind of young-ish female and was shocked as all heck when he finally made it to one of our Philly Dope Dinners.

[sub]Now we’ll find out if he does vanity searchers, won’t we?[/sub]

Male here, there, and down there.

Normally I’d bold names but it will take too long because I’m a lame typist so here are my impressions:

Zeldar - I’m virtually sure is male.

scotcho - My assumption is male (probably because of scotch)

Isabelle - would have been real easy until NurseCarmen threw me for a loop.

Steelerpham - Male

Ice Wolf - Any other wolf and I would have thought male. Until now I was relatively neutral.

Tusculan - Male

typhoon - hmmm I’m gonna go with female because I think females are less likely to capitalize their names (Don’t read too much into that).

lieu - tough one. I would have thought male but something makes me think I was once surprised about you so now I’m thinking female.

Dung Beetle - See, I don’t read that as gender neutral. That sort of says “male” to me.

NurseCarmen - you would have fooled the best

minlokwat- female - the small caps and euphonic sounding name.

moi- definately female.

So, how wrong was I?

Walloon - figured you were a dude.

Kid, your correct. I chose a masculine on purpose.

And Walloon: I always assumed you were male, but someone had started spreading a rumor to the contrary (see the first post in the thread I linked to in my pevious post in this thread). Glad that’s cleared up. You wouldn’t lie to me, now would you?

Hey, stop telling! I looked in here because I wondered if other people wanted to know or not, but now everyone’s telling! I have to go now.

Well, since you ask…I’m female, sorry.