Am I the only one who has no idea of the sex of other dopers?

And crunchy on the inside!

Heh. Eve once said she thought I was a big, red-neck lookin’ guy… like a human version of Foghorn Leghorn. I’m a small blonde middle-aged chick.

Nope, I leave three tracks on the beach, five if it’s really warm.

Let me state for the record…Isabelle is (hold on let me look again) yep Isabelle is an “available woman”:smiley:

Kalhoun I thought you were a guy! Ha ha

LOL! That is the funniest thing I have read in a while. :smiley:

And for the record: female here.

People often guess wrong with me, but like Dung Beetle, I tried to pick a name that would be sort of neutral if I wanted it to be.

I’m guessing male Elret

I’m of the bewanged sort, I’m afraid.


But that’s what most people think. And the funny thing is that the name is a combination of my dog’s name and my old cat’s name, both of which (when they’re alone) are obviously feminine.

Ok It’s clear my talent for username gender guessing leaves a tad to be desired.

Does sex matter?


Umm, ah, check that last statement. Allow me to rephrase …

So, have we met? Was it something I wrote? Opal’s pic of my bosom? :smiley:

Man… you are good! :slight_smile:

The scary part is that he was only virtually sure! There remained a grain of doubt.

Well, when you get right down to it I guess I have to say I’m only “virtually sure” myself, what with all the gender confusion available today. My body is that of a male, my sexual persuasion is predominantly heterosexual, but I do like an occasional backrub.

Male, straight, and happily attached. Sorry.

I’m male and straight. My username doesn’t make any clear indication of this, but some people have determined this from the context of my posts.

I’m alway a bit startled when I suddeny realize a poster’s gender. And I usually forget it again.

Your theory on the uppercase/lowercase isn’t holding up. I started going lower-case originally years ago when log-ins were case sensitive.


Hmm… maybe I’m an oddball, but it’s never even occurred to me to wonder about someone’s gender.


Never get it… I am married with a child after all…:smiley: