Diogenes, For One

NYT Sunday puzzle # 0128. 62 Down. Five letters.
CYNIC! Woo Hoo! I nailed it baby. Thirty minutes and the bitch was mine! SDMB, I salute you.

That’s how I got it, too!
I never finished a NY Times Sunday crossword until this year, and I’ve finished every one since, with one exception… just a couple words on one puzzle. I’m up to Friday, as far as difficulty. Suddenly, I’m Charly.

Speaking of NYT crosswords, can anyone explain this one? The clue is “8 letters?” and the answer is “TUV”

I don’t have my phone handy, but are TUV the three letters on the 8 key? That’d be my guess.



Of course, this reminds me that I have to get back into crosswords. There are Java ones on the web and my local fishwrap has a daily puzzle, but it’s been a while since I’ve done my last grid.

Cecil thanks you. Send money. :slight_smile: