Diogenese the Cynic. Also a Phony.

I understand, but you’d best keep your circumstance a secret. If you were a burglar, which would you prefer to visit: a neighborhood with people whom you know are armed, or a neighborhood with people whom you know are not?

Give DtC some slack. He is very depressed and the SDMB is his way to vent off.

I would go for not, and I wouldn’t take a gun.

Which is probably why people in NZ are robbed blind when at work while the house is empty.

Diogenes is only saying, quite clearly and calmly, that he is against owning a gun himself, for his own personal and moral reasons. Plus he believes that if more people had that same attitude, life would be that much safer for everyone.

I don’t think that’s any reason to insult him. It’s quite rude indeed to call someone a liar for expressing a personal opinion, even if it is a controversial one. Opinions cannot be lies, as far as I know.

I thought this was a pit, not a love fest. Cripes. Pretty soon there’ll be guys hugging one another and signing each others’ yearbooks.

Dio, you snow-eating tit. You suck! So there. (Just trying to get this thing back on track.)

Snakespirit, do you understand where Starving Artist is coming from? Do you understand that he is the polar opposite of Dio politically? And that, as SA says, the two of them have had more than one steel cage death match here? Yet he is one of the strongest of the many Dio defenders who’ve already popped into this thread. Liberal sure as hell doesn’t pull any punches; he’s tangled with Diogenes many times over the years; yet he speaks eloquently for the man. Dio’s defenders in fact range across the political spectrum. Doesn’t that tell you something? Like, oh, I dunno, maybe…

You’re the jerk.

I would have suggested we turn it into a Pitting of Snakespirit, but there’s already one going. Wouldn’t want to turn Snakespirit into the poor man’s Bush, now, would we? :wink:

Well said EDF :slight_smile:

Snake, i’ve seen enough of your posts and enough of DtC’s posts to know which one I’d rather trust in just about any situation. Frankly I’ve found you to be both mean-spirited and intellectually dishonest. DtC occasionally goes over the top, but I’ve never seen him to be either. So look around at your glass house before you start throwing stones.

I’m sorry, but could someone tell me just what a snow-eating tit is? I’m having trouble with a mental picture of a giant breast guzzling frozen precipitation. :eek:

I happen to know for a fact that Dio eats snow. I’m also using the second definition of “tit,” meaning “any of various small plump often long-tailed birds.” It’s like calling someone a rat or a skunk or a three-toed sloth. Animal metaphors, you know.

I used to hate DTC with a passion. Especially after he ridiculed a girl who had sex with a football player who made a bet that he could accomplish it. But he did apologize for it.

I also don’t agree with him politically on a few things.

But I have to admit, that he strikes me as intelligent, albeit a bit misguided at times.

And I don’t think he is a cruel person.

My opinion of DTC has changed since he first started posting, and I think I would enjoy the man’s company.

Have to agree with most here. Dio’s a smart guy, but he has a tendency to cross the line from passion to hysteria from time to time. I used to get annoyed when that happened, but now I find its best to just roll my eyes and ignore it.

His good attributes outweigh his irritating ones, I think.

I love that last sentence. It’s usually best not to slander somebody and call them names while accusing them of slander and name-calling.

I do not agree with Diogenes on certain things. I think that he sometimes lets his passion get the best of him. However, I have found that he is knowledgable of many subjects, and often quite eloquent.

Aeschines If you’ve produced a site or argument for the paranormal that wasn’t ludicrous garbage, I must have missed it.

The concensus seems to be “Keep on trucking Dio:wink:

skutir is twisting the facts on this issue. You see, skutir happens to be my little brother. When we were kids I sometimes used to make him eat snow to show him who the boss was. Nowadays he is trying to change the story and suggest that I am the one who ate snow when it fact it was he, skutir, who was face down in a snowbank with my knee on his back. And he knows it.

Now he makes more money than me. The bastard.

I’m a fan. Sic’ em, Dio!

(‘Course, in the interests of full disclosure, I feel obligated to point out that the girls in Mensa tell me he’s a bit of a slut. Just sayin’, is all…)

I think you’re going to have to find your marbles before you find my good cites.

He’s right! You are a liar! A snow-eater, and a liar! :smiley: