Diogenese the Cynic. Also a Phony.

Some quotes from a man who says “Guns are for Cowards:”
All quotes from Great Debates

You make an opinion based on your own fears and inadequacies, refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t fit into your own world and use anger, slurs, denial and a 'tuff-guy" attitude to show everyone how right you are.

You are a LIAR, full of hot air, a slanderer, a name-caller.

Maybe you’re going through a rough time in your life right now, or maybe someone just pushed your buttons. But you’re coming across as OFF THE WALL! And out of kindness, I only quoted from ONE thread in which you been acting out asshole.

You have been acting like a jerk.

I also understand his personal hygiene is sub-par.

Uh, dude? You already have a fucking pit thread!?!? That is a perfect venue for your rants of little substance.

[sub]BTW, what part of Dio’s quoted remarks are untrue or serve to illustrate his mendacity?[/sub]

I own lots of guns. I must say I’ve never bought one to make my penis feel bigger though.

Although I will side with him on the fact that if you use guns to do your fighting for you as opposed to your fist; then yeah, that is a little spineless. But I mean that in the sense if someone were to disrespect my woman or disrespect my children.

Now, if someone were to break into my house at three in the A.m. ; I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a few rounds off in their ass. That’s not spineless that’s just common sense.

Lemme tell ya ‘bout Diogenes! When I first came to this board, I hated that guy’s guts! Yeah, he can be a jerk sometimes, and some of the things you’ve attributed to him are accurate (but not all), but he is a good guy with a good heart, and he is one hell of a smart son of a bitch. (No offense Dio, in case you’re one of those "are you callin’ my mamma…" kind of guys. ;)) Ever so slowly over time, I found my opinion of him shifting. He has a huge amount of knowledge over a tremendous range of subjects. And he’s not one to hold grudges. You could be going at it tooth and nail in some thread or another and feel like the two of you should be dueling it out with pistols, but go into another forum and post a query on some obscure or puzzling question, and if he sees it and knows the answer, he’ll come on and explain it in such a clear, concise and thoughtful way that you’ll be amazed you hadn’t figured it out on your own. And he’ll do it without a so much as a whisper of the animosity he was treating you to in the other thread.

And on those occasions when he truly does fire off prematurely, like he did recently with a female poster having marital problems, he’ll come back on once he’s realized he was out of line and apologize, often followed by an explanation of his thinking at the time he went off so the poster will know it wasn’t their fault.

In short, I’ve come around about 180 degrees on him. These days, there are few posters I think more highly of than Diogenes. He’s a fine guy, all in all, but he has his moments. Just don’t stick your hand in his cage and you’ll be fine.

Gotta go with the sentiment of SHAKES. I just bought 2 more pistols in the last month. Like my rifle, they are used mosly for target practice. If someone comes in my house to harm my family, I’ll go man to man if that’s what’s up. But if we’re sleeping at 2 a.m. I’ll chamber the round. If that sound doesn’t scare him off, the safety gets disengaged.

If the sound of a gun cocking doesn’t scare you off, I have no problem firing into your leg. Maybe that’ll do it.

When you spell a guy’s name wrong in the start of your Pit thread, that shows you’re definitely his intellectual superior. Keep fighting the good fight, Snakespirit.

Writing last post while SA was posting. Y’all get the point, I assume. :slight_smile:

I don’t think DtC is a phony. He’s a true believer. He has the tendency to go off the deep end from time to time with some of his conclusions…but I cannot attribute to him the qualities listed in the OP.

You have completely misinterpreted him. Diogenes is a passionate man. He is a profound thinker whose rhetoric flies off his sleeve. His principles are deeply held. He is not a phony, and he is not a jerk. He will respect you if you respect him. I know this because it is the relationship that he and I have. We disagree on quite many things, but we hear each other out, and we set aside our preconceptions when we read one another’s posts. When you’ve climbed to half his level of mastery, come back. And bring pie.

Overall I certainly respect Diogenes and rather like him. We agree in the politics area for sure. He does fight dirty, however, as I think the quotes in the OP indicate.

Also, he calls himself a skeptic, but when he is certain of his own correctness and you are not, not only are you the biggest idiot in the whole world, but the correct use of logic, though still expected of you, in no wise does he expect of himself. I cite the Super Size Me thread as an egregious example. Apparently he thought Spurlock (whose name he misspelled every time) had put together a good scientific study of–well, something or other. McDonald’s was “Satan” (his exact word) but Super Size Me was not saying that McDonald’s was bad. Or something like that. It made no sense. A skeptic should do better.

When I argue in favor of the so-called “paranormal,” I am treated by him like the world’s greatest fool. All my cites–ludicrous garbage! All my points… ludicrous garbage!

But we both hate Bush (fucking chimp!)–so how can I hate him?!

DtC is one of my favourite posters. He is passionate and intelligent. Passion is what involves us and makes us think. It doesn’t matter if you believe what he does or not but his strong arguements make you examine your own thoughts. That can never be a bad thing (of course that doesn’t stop me from agreeing with him nearly always).

As for the gun thing. I know one person who owns a gun. It is used in duck hunting season.

If someone broke in my house in the middle of the night I don’t have a clue what I would do. I think similar could be said for much of my countrymen. I’m not prepared to own a gun just in case the bogeyman should strike. I feel much safer knowing there is not a gun in my house for me to use or for someone to take off me and use.

I’ll give it a two for what I assume to be a Family Guy reference (cause otherwise you’re an utter goat fucking moron). But otherwise it’s dull, uninteresting, pointless, and lacks an adequate use of the term “goat fucker.”

Dio can be full of shit (I mean that in a good way) and I often disagree with him, but he’s a decent guy, fair-minded, able to apologize when he’s been a real dick, and he has great insights about WalMart.* You never quite know what to expect from him, and he’s never boring.


Removing those two options, unfortunately, leaves you these two: the other person has a gun of his own, or else he’s dumb enough to break in unarmed. Pray for stupidity.

Nope. *Diogenes is not remotely a phony. He is, sadly, very confused politically, :smiley: , but is honest and consistent.

Fortunately I live somewhere where the homeowner owning a gun is rare and the person breaking in is both rare and also not likely to have a gun. Not to say it doesn’t happen but I’m not about to but a gun “just in case”.

Yeah, but he is.

I’ve seen every FG episode several times, and I don’t see the reference. Either I’m off my game tonight, or the OP is an utter goat fucking moron.

Perhaps. Best to live somewhere where “just in case” is not seen as a reason to own a gun though.