Diogenes the Cynic

What happened to you man? You used to be cool. Now it seems like you are some weird caricature of a crotchety old man. You speak in these absolutes that completely lack any sort of nuance of understanding of the world. You act as if your narrow black and white view of the world is the only one that is viable.

It would be annoying if it weren’t so sad.

Is it Tuesday again already? I must get those storm windows down.

I really don’t get why people freak out over Dio so much. He’s OTT a lot of the time, but he’s coherent and says interesting things. Many times, he has a good point. If you don’t agree, just say so or stick him on ignore if you can’t handle reading his posts.

Then again, I didn’t get why people freaked out about bjorn, either. I thought his posts were rather poetic.


Who needs one link when there’s already been all these.

ETA: And that’s just in the last 12 months.

Well, the specific thread is here, but really it could be just about every thread he posts in.

There is just something inherently a bit scary about a person that consistently speaks in such absolutes. Plus it really does seem like he has gotten worse lately. I am really getting this dementia type vibe off of him.

I joke about needing a sticky thread for him but what we really need is a support group for the rest of us. When someone feels an urge to respond to one of his posts we PM our sponsor who hopefully talks us out of it. By now we all should know how attempting to talk to him is going to go. We are tempted to reason with him hoping we might actually get through to him but it’s not going to happen. He is never going to say “I see your point”, it will always be “you all are wrong and I’m right and that’s that”. And whenever we do respond to him we just get rewarded with frustration and endless pit threads. We should pit ourselves for falling for it yet again.

If not a support group then a panic button that will lock us out of posting for 15 minutes and send us to the lolcat site or daily squee.

He’s just a know-it-all know nothing who thinks his opinions count as facts. The only problem I have with him is that once he announces his verdict, the thread goes to hell in a handbasket.

Ah. You guys love him, come on admit it.

Sure he’s stubborn with his views. But is that such a despicable trait to have around here?
One has to admit he’s well written, adds a lot of interest to this place - whether you agree with the particular view he’s touting at the time or not.

eta, can’t believe I am agreeing with C3, that absurd wench who changes diapers on restaurant table tops. :wink:

That describes 90% of the people on here.

Only because some people react so insanely to everything he says. If they just said, “huh” and moved on, the threads wouldn’t go into trainwreck mode.

He plays for the New York Giants?

Because once he comes into a thread, he never. EVER. shuts. the. fuck. up. Seriously, in the thread that prompted this, once he came in at least 50% of the posts have been by him and a vast majority have been by him or ABOUT him.

He’s a fucking troll and a fucking attention whore, and unfortunately lots of people around here can’t resist rising to his bait and they allow him to totally overrun a thread. As one of the posters in that thread said:

Game over. DtC came in and now it’s totally mutated into the Dio Show. Just like every other fucking thread he comes into.

Yeah, he is a lot like Liberal used to be in that regard. I think that it is because a lot of the time he seems like he is a rational human that is hard to not engage with him. It’s like you think that you can have a conversation or something then WHAM! Echo chamber.

I disagree. He’s a huge know-it-all blowhard, but that’s not the problem. If he just tossed his opinion into the mix, even if people disagreed and spent a few posts commenting on why they thought he was wrong, no problem. The problem is that he immediately goes into posting mode, commenting on every comment on his comment, usually in the same absolutist blowhard style. It’s a style guaranteed to take over almost any thread. Look at page three of the spanking thread: almost every other post is from Dio.

Now, to Dio, this is of course as it should be: how can we possibly expect him not to respond to a comment on one of his posts? But when thread after thread ends up as an everyone vs. Dio conversation, it’s pretty fucking annoying, given that this is in fact a message board and not Dio’s blog.

Again, I have to side with Diogenes here. Is there any better way to pad your post count than in a spanking thread?

No he’s not - check his title under his Username: he’s a self-proclaimed “Expert”

That’s all we need to know - as far as **Dio **is concerned, he is The Expert

We should all recognize that there is no arguing with The Expert and stop trying.

So Dio is the new Liberal?

Looking at post counts, I see it’s true:

Diogenes the Cynic: 50,915 posts
Liberal: 39,401 posts

I thought Liberal was overchatty.

I have three fennec foxes, your argument is invalid.

When I read a Diogenes post, it’s like hearing an old protest song:

“We shall not, we shall not be moved…”

It seems that in an age where consensus is relegated to the result of upbringing and open-mindedness is taken as a code of weakness, Diogenes is simply expressing his views in a manner that will be taken as ‘strong’, because no one will change them. Hardly a unique phenomenon, I should say. It takes much strength to incorporate points of view other than one’s own and yet not see this as being a doormat. Not everyone has this strength, especially when so many people seem to espouse the point of view that incorporating anyone else’s point of view, or trying to, is weakness.

I think he’s having a tough time realizing that he’s becoming conservative. Middle age is rough.