Two Threads in two days locked due to the Dio Show

I think the title says it all.

Not really. Are you whining about “The Dio Show” or the thread closings?


Dio shows up. Then the threads get closed. And its almost never DIO gets warned and the actual adults can continue a conversation.

Its always Dio shows up, does his thing (which he fortunately doesnt do ALL the time he shows up) AND THEN the thread gets closed because its EVERYBODIES fault when Dio won’t STFU or at least keep his points reasonable and his number of post something this side of an internet IM exhange where he just keeps repeating the same lame thing he said before to the dozen people who have called him out on his baloney
(and to each one seperately), all the while NOT adding any additional info or reasoned debate. If your lucky he just ever so slightly moves the goal posts, pulls a “definition of what is is” routine or uses HIS (unused by anybody else) definition of a word to “defend” himself.

Dio was warned in the teen sex thread.

It’s funny that this thread just came up. Earlier today I started reading the thread about the 8 year old that got pepper sprayed. There was only a handful of posts, but then I saw that Dio made a comment and thought “Well, that’s that, this thread’s going off the rails now” I haven’t looked at it again, but I see it’s locked.

I’ve only been involved in the Dio show once and as soon as I realized what was happening I backed out of the conversation and realized what all the threads referencing the “Dio show” were about. I told myself I would just stay out of threads he got involved in. I don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t just do the same.

In that thread, he took (as of his first post, I haven’t read it since) the view point that macing the kid was wrong because he could have defused the situation by hand if he was there. I get the distinct feeling if pepper spray wasn’t used and something happened, he would have been right there saying if it were him he would have just sprayed the kid and ended the whole thing in a few seconds.

ETA, I remember the one time I messed with him. I formed my argument, attached a bunch of cites to it and after he shot me down I thought “hmmm, I bet I could have posted a bunch of bad links and he wouldn’t have mentioned it”

Was that the one about the 17yo girl dating a 25 yo guy (which I did read) or another one (which I probably didnt)?

But, in any case, thats beside the point. What usually happens is Dio may or may not get warned and then the whole damn thread get locked. I thought after a handfull of warnings you got banned.

Heck, I could even live with him not getting perma banned. If he could just be kept the heck out of a thread by the powers that be that was evolving into a Dioshow.

You should be mad at the people who respond to him. He can’t “do his thing” if people ignore his obviously “provocative” statements.


Why you do have a point, why the HECK do the more reasonable people have to abandon a thread because HE showed up? Oh, you can say don’t call him on his BS, but I was under the impression that this was a place to fight ignorance.

Yes, that one. Specifically, warned for comments towards me, rather than his debating style.

I just ran across this gem

Ummm, right.
Go find a thread that involves the Packers and you’ll find him slinging some of the most vulgar insults this board has seen.

So, if someone’s obviously wrong, we should ignore it if they repeat themselves often enough? I’m of the opinion that that’s never a good idea, for two reasons. Firstly, if never challenged, someone like Dio might assume that silence is agreement. Secondly, a neutral party reading might see the unchallenged assertions on a board that otherwise prides itself on challenging dubious statements, and believe them.


And that WAS a thread where the adults had interesting and various points of view on the whole issue. Rather than Dio being shown the door (even temporarily) the whole damn thing was locked.

And, IMO his debating style is SO bad when he gets into DIO show mode, it should be an offense all its own.

That’s bullshit. DNFTT NEVER works, for one thing. And more importantly, that means that anyone is allowed to try and threadshit all over the place, and it’s all OUR fault if we respond.
Dio pulls this shit all the freaking time, and we’re the ones who have to suffer for it. Why is that?

Finally got to the end of the pepper spray thread. Dio was warned…the exact words were “I’d advise you to cool it in this thread, and not post in it unless you have something new to add.”
So that’s it? He has not supposed to post in that thread any more…the thread that was closed 20 minutes earlier? Harsh.

Yep, thats it :slight_smile:

Talk about some harsh punishment (that keeps Dio from getting his behind handed to him).

Nowhere did I say DNFTT I wrote DNFTD. You have noone to blame but yourselves.

There are threads where noone responded to him and he just left.

What, pray tell, is YOUR brilliant solution? Ban him? Handy him where he can’t post under certain conditions?

He is the Dio Exception to fighting ignorance. Some ignorants (I know ignoramuses I just like the word ignorants it’s perfectly cromulent) are best ignored. Do you really think you will change his mind by arguing?


I pretty much agree with this. I don’t know about the Packer threads that someone mentioned, haven’t seen them - but Diogenes is entitled to have an opinion and it looks like there are a *lot of people who get off on engaging him and the drama of it all - and then accusing him of taking over the thread when he continues to defend his view. Having a strongly held opinion is not thread shitting nor is it trolling. If someone disagrees with Dio, after stating their own view, they should let it drop.

I am against both thread closures, don’t appreciate the arrogance of the moderator action and talking down to everyone like they are children. If anyone acts out of line in a thread, they might be deserving of a reprimand. But putting a padlock on the thread is wrong and absolutely ridiculous. What a shitty and condescending way to squash a discussion. If anyone has the opinion that an ensuing argument is a “train wreck”, then you don’t need to participate in, or read the thread. And again, if some disagrees with a viewpoint - Diogenes’ or anyone’s, state your own view if you want, and then at some point let it drop.

Don’t engage someone and then expect them not to continue to defend their own view.

Drama queens, get a life. And that goes double for busy body mods who seem to get off on haughty thread closures and insulting thread participants by calling them children.

And that’s pretty much the same principal. People are GOING to respond, no matter what. That’s my point. It’s human nature.
Solution? I honestly don’t know. All I DO know is that he’s fucking up threads, which get closed, which pisses off the rest of us.
Oh, not the “oh, he’s entitled to his opinion.” Sure he is. He’s NOT entitled to insist that his OPINION is FACT.

Why not?

They ban actual trolls. Dio may not be one, but he is IMO the functional equivalent of one. They place special restrictions on people who arent allowed to talk about legal matters or medical stuff and other subjects.

Of course Dio represents a special case. He goes crazy regarding “kids and or sex”, so he has his “special cause”. He ALSO goes crazy when he thinks his opinion/experience = fact, which can cover just about any damn subject under the sun. AND then there is the whole definition and goal post moving and highly questionable debating tactics signature of his.

For all the special case moderation where moderators are actually willing to moderate where none seems to be required, IMO they sure fall short on actually doing any useful moderation when it comes to Dio. Lock that fracker down seems to be the motto.