"Diploma in International Technical Analysis" et. al.

Marwan, from my office is back from three weeks in Paris and has asked me about:

“Diploma in International Technical Analysis”
“Chartered Market Technician” and
“Diploma in International Technical Analysis”

I have done a Google on them and they seem to be some sort of certification in Stock-Market stuff offered by non-profit groups I have never heard of. I presume he read an article in the French papers about them.

Sounds like a scam trying to sell worthless degrees. What do you all think?

total SCAM. Chartists are the lowest scum in the already fetid waters that is investment banking. You might as well look at goat entrails and extrapolate what the market is going to do. I think any chartist that masquerades as a broker should be jailed.

China Guy - 8 years investment banking in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and who knew more than a few chartists.

Thank you. You gotta love the Dope.

Don’t forget that Diplomates (not diplomats) are people from several European countries who have received the equivalent of an American or British baccalaureate from a more technical school. Though obviously that is not the case here, the idea that someone might have a “Diploma in Information Technology” is not necessarily an indication that he got it from a Crackerjack box – though that is obviously the case here.