Direct to Science Advisory Board

I’m curious to know if there is a way to get help with a nagging question directly from the SD Science Advisory Board. I have posted my question in both General Questions and Mundane…, and while interesting discussions followed, I didn’t actually get any closer to an answer. I know it’s not an earth shattering issue and everthing, but I’m hoping someone in the science department can help with this.
For that matter how do you go about addressing your question to Cecil, assuming the teeming millions don’t come up with an answer?
My question was concerning Mandarin Oranges, the teeming millions seem to agree that it’s a good question but no one had an answer.

The Straight Dope Home Page (link: ) has a section called ASK CECIL; that tells you how to send a question to Cecil.

Cecil is pretty picky about the questions he wants to spend his time on (his criteria include “will it fit into one column” and “will I get paid?”). Other questions go to his assistant, the lovely Jane, who decides whether to pass them on to the Mailbag (that is, the Straight Dope Science Advisory Board), discard them, show them to friends at cocktail parties for a good laugh, or use them for spare note-paper.

The SDSAB staff look over the questions and decide which ones they (as individuals) want to research. The other questions sit there until some energetic staff member decides to pick it up. The process, as you can see, is a trifle hap-hazard.

Posting in the Message Boards is as good a way of getting a response as any. Frankly, the SDSAB is delighted with questions that are posted so that we don’t have to bother with them.

However, I will send your Mandarin Orange question over to Jane and we’ll see if any staff members care to tackle.

Thank you for the information, I must admit it does indeed seem haphazard.
I am delighted you will forward my question, thank you again for your time.

Hey, you said nice things about us and sucked up, least we can do.