Direct TV Info Box

Somebody please help me… my mother in law has called three times tonight already.

She has Direct TV and suddenly there is a little window on every channel that is giving her sports scores, headlines, etc. Of course she swears that she didn’t push anything different than normal, and she expects me to tell her how to make it go away. Minor problem is that I don’t have Direct TV, and I live about 800 miles away.

If someone can tell me which button she needs to push I will reward you with a No Expense Paid Vacation to her house in Florida.

I guess I’m supposed to be Mister Know It All since I talked my (now departed) Father in Law through how to program their VCR over the phone. It is probably a 5-7 year old system, but unfortunatly I don’t know anything else about it. Please help keep me in the will so she doesn’t have to endure any more of her “Clasic Movies Ruined with Baseball Scores.”

Of course if it was constant Packers updates she would be thrilled… we (actually my sister in law) still have the season tickets on the 50 yard line that her husband first bought in '56 that could be shared with anyone willing to help (shameless plug to get a Wisconsin Direct TV owner to give us a hand)

I’m probably too late, but what the heck.

Tell her to hit “clear” and to keep hitting it until the info goes away.

Direct TV has a really annoying feature that’s called “DirecTV interactive”. It should be called “The annoying feature from hell” but I suppose their Marketing Dept didn’t think that name would sell. Essentially, this feature means that on selected stations a flashing “I” appears on the screen and if you hit “ok” you get the annoying info to which you refer.

You can go to for more help. Just do a search on her receiver model and it will tell you more than you ever wanted to know.