Direct TV - recent software "upgrade from hell!"

Anyone else here have Direct TV? What do you think of their recent software upgrade? I’m not impressed. The fonts are too small to read and formerly easy functions are now more difficult.

What say you?

I used to and LOVED it! Waaaay better than cable.

Then AT&T bought them and it all went to shit.

I actually like the cleaner look. I haven’t played with everything yet, but so far, I like it.

They’ve been doing all sorts of things all over the place to tick off customers. E.g., owners of the original FireTV Stick have been officially dumped by DirecTV Now. Despite the new software working fine on it when sideloaded.

Me, too. Was a DirecTV customer for years, through many equipment and service upgrades. On the few occasions I had to call customer service they were friendly and helpful.

I had to call in about something within a week after the AT&T purchase and the difference was dramatic. We had been toying with “cutting the cable” for a little while, and that call cemented the decision. Haven’t looked back.


Calling DirectTV customer service used to be an ok experience. Usually got a human inside a minute and they almost always sorted everything over the phone. I even called once about a new box on a Saturday morning. They said sure you can have a new DVR and upgraded dish and more…they can connect the whole house’s DVRs into one system through the existing wiring. All free of charge and they’ll send a guy out to install it tomorrow. Sunday? Yup. Amazing.

Once AT&T got a hold of it night and day difference and all for the worse.

I monitor customer service calls as a side gig. Direct TV is the WORST.

We’ve had their service now for about 6 to 8 years. Been happy. Has DISH previously and too many service interruptions. The AT&T takeover was NOT a step in the right direction. Trying to even reach customer service is nearly impossible. This menu change is just another example of their ineptitude. Reminds me a little of windows 10. Lots of pretty colors and bright boxes, but not so much an improvement on content or functionality.

Form over function.

I have no idea why so many developers think this is something to aspire to rather than avoid.

Hate it. Watching a recorded show, want to find the next airing, used to be one click. Now it’s like four deep and not intuitive. And I almost never watch live.


I’ve had DirecTV for years, and hate the fact that I am now an AT&T customer again. And the software change was pointless.

I have to upgrade my two receivers this summer. I’ve had them since 2005.

The satellite that supports them will go off line in mid 2019.

I just had DirecTv installed at my mom’s new house. I’m not impressed with the pauses in reception. It’ll just freeze for a second.

This is live tv. I haven’t recorded any shows yet.

The’ve certainly made this equipment complicated. The original receivers were incredibly reliable. I’ve only had 2 since 1998. I bought a complete Sony system at Best Buy. I had to install the dish and receiver myself.

Then that equipment was updated in 2005 when local channels became available. I needed a dual LAN dish and directv installed it for me and updated the receivers.

I have been with D-TV since 2001 and alsays loved it. Our original receiver lasted till about 3 years ago through multiple fish changes. I liked it so much I went without a DVR for years relying on my old VCR. When that receiver died we upgraded to a Genie model. It took a little getting used to but I liked it nearly as much as the old one. Now after this update I HATE IT! Hard to see, so SLOW, glitches, and like was said above multiple button pushes to get to once took one. I have given it over 2 weeks now to get used to it but I still cant.
I was already getting sick of paying over $200 a month so this may be the last straw. YouTube TV is looking good! If my DVR wasn’t so full…

Searching and finding info related to the show you are currently watching has become very tedious. Even a simple function like looking at your upcoming recordings is a massive seek and find exercise.

But the worst thing I encountered - about half of my channels have stopped decoding. Called DirecTV and they will not come out to fix it unless I pay a minimum of $100 or sign up for their service plan (even though the equipment is theirs). I will be dropping them when the current contract runs out.

So, I guess their current run of “satisfied customers” commercials are from before the “upgrade”? :smiley:

What annoys me is that Other Showings used to pull up all upcoming episodes of the same series, now it appears to only look for the exact episode you are watching. Well, I used that feature to look for episodes I missed and to link me to On Demand. Now looking for the next episode or going to On Demand is much more difficult.

The newest glitch is that items keep “disappearing” from our recorded programs list - but only on the main box. They still show up on the second genie, and sorting the list or rebooting the box finds them, but it’s a hassle.