Directv over the internet

AT&T (the owners of DirecTV) have stated that they plan on offering DirecTV online with “no annual contracts, dishes, or set top boxes”. I think if they pull it off it’ll be a major game changer although with my internet provider insisting that Data Caps are the wave of the future I’m not sure I’ll be able to fully appreciate it.

Would it be that much different from how U-Verse works now?

Besides - without a STB, how do you record shows?

Well I’m sure that will work like gangbusters. The one thing I’ve missed in all my current online TV offerings is the lack of choice of what I get to watch when. I much prefer it when I’m stuck with whatever shows a group of white collar workers decided to line up for me, based on unknown criteria.

(Why do TV and channels still exist in 2016?)

Even today you can stream most shows that were on in the last couple days even if you didn’t record them.