Dirt Bike Group's leader - Pulling Stunts On SF Streets allegedly a Sheriff’s Deputy

There’s been several threads here about these dickwads taking over city streets for stunt riding.

There was an ugly incident 2013 in NY that resulted in a motorist getting boxed in and dragged out of his car and beaten. One of the bikers was a NYPD undercover cop.He got sentenced to two years for his part in this incident.

This time it’s *allegedly *a Marin County Sheriff’s Deputy thats been caught leading a gang that is stunt driving in San Francisco. Its quite disturbing that a cop would be involved. They work a lot of accident scenes and certainly know the risks to innocent motorists. Families with kids in the car are out there when these idiots are driving like maniacs.

I just don’t understand why these people aren’t satisfied driving on private tracks? We have dirt bike tracks locally and I know of one weekend racing speedway near my old hometown. People can get their adrenaline rush without endangering the public. Why on earth risk hitting a car with kids in it? :confused: It makes no sense. Maybe we need to build more private tracks and offer them free (to use) for motorcycle and hot rod clubs? I much rather they kill themselves on a private track than run me down on a street.

Heres one of several speedways in my state. Local hot rodders are out there every weekend.

A list of places to ride dirt bikes and ATV’s

Theres just no excuse for doing this stuff on our public roads. I guarantee you this trail is more challenging than any city street.

The answer is right there in the quote you put in your OP

I run. There’s a great bike trail about a mile from my house; however when you do it enough it gets boring & sometimes I’ll drive a lot further to do something different (& more exciting).

While their trail may be technically challenging, there probably aren’t too many dangers right next to the riders if the screw up. It’s much tougher doing a given stunt inches from a dangerous obstacle, like a car.

I’m not condoning their actions but you seem lost on the thrill/ability part of it.

Jackholes getting thrills and endagering others? Fuck em.

Want a thrill? Go cave diving at 300 feet depth. At least that way you probably won’t take someone else out in search of thrill.


…and also the part about having an audience, willing or not.

I think that’s a huge part of it. That and intimidating, surprising or otherwise scaring other motorists.

I see this very much like I see vandalism. Pointless bullshit designed to piss people off. Only this comes with a greater possibility of hurting bystanders (who in a way are forced to participate).

I think the unwillingness on the part of the audience is the thrill. Hardly any exhibitionists hang out in locker rooms, they’re mostly in the malls and junior high school parking lots.

Would I be a bad person if one of these idiots fell and got run over by a bus and I smiled a bit?


Well, at least I know now.

Mainly because you only smiled a bit. Own the feeling and grin like a Cheshire cat. :smiley:

I understand seeking an adrenaline rush. It’s gotten me into more dangerous situations backpacking than I like to admit. I got a few scars to remind me to plan a more cautious route or even avoid dangerous terrain altogether. Humans aren’t sure-footed as mountain goats and we get reminded of that occasionally.

What ever your thrill hobby, just do it in a way that doesn’t endanger the public.

I’ve been trying to recall when motorcyclists began taking over city streets. I remember seeing large groups of them forty years ago. Its intimidating to see 20 motorcycles driving down the highway. But they drove legally. Most club riders are hard working people that enjoy riding weekends. The outlaw biker doesn’t represent most motorcyclists.

I don’t ride but have no problems with motorcyclists. A friend of mine (from work) rides with a club and recently bought a special helmet. He can talk with the others in the bike club when they are on road trips. They sometimes take three or four day trips and have a lot of fun. Still driving legally and not causing problems for other motorists. He rode to Sturgis for the 75th Anniversary rally just a few months ago. Going to Sturgis is one of those bucket list things every rider has to do at least once. :wink: They estimate 1 million attended the 75th Anniversary rally.

We have a group like this in DC, it’s bullying behavior. They don’t just enjoy ATV riding, they enjoy scaring other people. Certain types of cops get off on being bullies, so it’s not surprising that one of the members of this group is a cop.

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