Dirty Bomb found in New York Harbor?

Below is a link to audio recording of Ann Coulter saying that a dirty bomb was found in New York Harbor. Did this happen? I can’t find any information about it.


Clickable link to .mp3 file.

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Well, if it was found in the NY harbour, it stands to reason it’d be dirty, no?

After much Googling I couldn’t find one single reference to a dirty bomb being found anywhere in the US including Manhattan.

Is our government engaging in a cover-up? Could be but is begs the question of why they’d want to (it’d give the Bush administration a lot of juice to continue its current policies)? Further, why is Ann Coulter the only one who seems to know about it? Surely if she found out about it and chatted about it on a radio show other media sources would know as well and it would be HUGE news. This isn’t something they’d relegate to the back page.

Absent any other evidence this seems like just another instance of Coulter pulling stuff out of her ass with no regard for the truth.

Just so we’re on the same page, is this the story that we’re talking about?

Clearly, U.S. customs is not dedicating nearly enough resources scrutinizing high-profile network news teams. An obvious chink in the armour.

Sounds like a job for: :rolleyes:

Well considering the context in that interview is that this is an example of something that people haven’t heard about, the lack of cites is not surprising.

That does not prove she’s not pulling it out of her ass though.

Please do not ever again refer to anything that might have been in Ann Coulter’s ass.


Considering all of the lies that have come out of her mouth, not to mention her apparent state of lunacy, I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything she says.

Could something like this be covered up? How many people would be involved?

More on this, from a blog:


How the hell is a “radar detecting device” going to help find a bomb?

By detecting it, naturally.

Presumably she meant a Geiger counter, given the fact that there is probably several million tonnes worth of shipping that would show up on any radar screen in New York Harbor at any given time.

Either that, or the dirty bomb was cleverly disguised as an F-15 and flown around above the harbor to avoid raising suspicion.

Dumb bitch.