"Dirty Jobs" is back!

Rampaging peacocks in Florida, that’s a good one. And my favorite, the big black snakes he and the ‘snake lady’ try to catch at that lake. He gets bitten several times, dancing around, ‘ow ow ow ow’ with a snake dangling from his arm, and it cracks me up every time - I would be screaming my head off.

That was just it- most of the laughter was at HIM, because he was so bad at some of these things, or because he found humor in it that wasn’t at the expense of the workers.

I do admit that I did feel bad for Barski and Doug on occasion though; those guys deserved their own episode about how their jobs were tough and dirty in their own right, just trying to film Mike doing his thing.

My favorite episode is the Charcoal maker.

Mike and the film crew were totally covered in soot. Mike gets his foot stuck in an ash pile and it took a couple people to pull him out.

I think they had a behind-the-scenes episode - I definitely remember seeing Doug having to get himself into the spaces before Mike did, while carrying a heavy camera too.

They did have one of those, and lots of little peeks during the episodes. I was thinking something a bit more in-depth than the behind the scenes episodes- maybe showing the everyday difficulty of being a production/camera crew for a TV show, and then show how Dirty Jobs was that much worse, because they had to do it hanging over a lake of sewage or whatever.

One of my favorite aspects of the show was that we were invited to laugh with the people on his show rather than at them. This was at a time when other “reality” based programs were often predicated on laughing at people who were poor or funny accents we could make fun of.

Those charcoal makers were scary as any horror-movie monsters in the woods. I know they worked at one of the world’s worst dirty jobs full time, but they scared the sh*t out of me.

I always thought this scene was staged.

Did you know Santa has a dirty job?