"Dirty Jobs" is back!

Mike Rowe’s TV show is being aired once again, at 1pm Central time on the Animal Planet. As you may have guessed, they’re all animal-related episodes, which I always thought were the best ones anyway.

My TiVo’s definitely set! :cool:

That’s fantastic!

Yowza! Good news!

Adding: But today’s episode is from Season 5 of the show – already seen it. Are the others also replays?

They’re all reruns. I’m still happy to see them again.

Okay, I went to Animal Planet’s website and searched for Dirty Jobs, was led from there to Discovery Channel, and found this (warning, video autoplay). It says the show returns on October 19. So I’d say the shows airing currently on Animal Planet are most likely all reruns that have animals featured.

I hope they show the pilot #1, “Bat Cave Scavenger.” It was a 3 part filmed when no one knew anything about this show. There was the bat cave thing, a guy collecting special mud to rub on professional league base balls, and the last segment was ‘fish gutter’.

They followed the fish scrap from a local processor to the plant where I spent 30 years as a manager. Dump truck loads of ground fish guts and scrap. We were a re-claiming operation that turned that fish scrap into fish feed for salmon and trout fish hatcheries within the state and federal fish hatchery system.

We never heard of these guys before and I personally thought they were going to burn us and make us look like fools. But Mike Rowe was a hella nice guy. The camera man had his nose plugged up with masking tape to do the shoot.

I wish I would have got an autograph.