"Dirty Jobs" is back!

Mike Rowe’s TV show is being aired once again, at 1pm Central time on the Animal Planet. As you may have guessed, they’re all animal-related episodes, which I always thought were the best ones anyway.

My TiVo’s definitely set! :cool:

That’s fantastic!

Yowza! Good news!

Adding: But today’s episode is from Season 5 of the show – already seen it. Are the others also replays?

They’re all reruns. I’m still happy to see them again.

Okay, I went to Animal Planet’s website and searched for Dirty Jobs, was led from there to Discovery Channel, and found this (warning, video autoplay). It says the show returns on October 19. So I’d say the shows airing currently on Animal Planet are most likely all reruns that have animals featured.

I hope they show the pilot #1, “Bat Cave Scavenger.” It was a 3 part filmed when no one knew anything about this show. There was the bat cave thing, a guy collecting special mud to rub on professional league base balls, and the last segment was ‘fish gutter’.

They followed the fish scrap from a local processor to the plant where I spent 30 years as a manager. Dump truck loads of ground fish guts and scrap. We were a re-claiming operation that turned that fish scrap into fish feed for salmon and trout fish hatcheries within the state and federal fish hatchery system.

We never heard of these guys before and I personally thought they were going to burn us and make us look like fools. But Mike Rowe was a hella nice guy. The camera man had his nose plugged up with masking tape to do the shoot.

I wish I would have got an autograph.

Mike Rowe is shooting new episodes!

Any Dirty Jobs shown on cable are all re-runs from years ago. I bet a lot of those little businesses have disappeared since then. (They’re still making Lebanon bologna though, saw it in the grocery last week.). In fact, Dirty Jobs has been re-run in marathons, on Labor Day for one example, often from morning to night…New shows will be made or are being made as we speak.

I really liked his Facebook show Returning the Favor. It sucked when they decided to stop making them. It was a good idea and well done.

One wonders if nowadays, they will all social distance.

One of the things I liked about the show was that when Mike and the audience were invited to laugh it was with the workers rather than at them. It was refreshing to see a reality style program that was positive, educational, and gave some of us a deeper appreciation and respect for the men and women performing the jobs featured on the show.

One of the things I liked about the show was when the people laughed at HIM. He made the funniest comments and sometimes it looked like they couldn’t keep straight faces at his double entendres.

Yes, Mike was pretty much in awe of what the people he worked with did. Countless times they’d tell him what to do, he’d try a few times, fail miserably and stand in disbelief watching them do their job. As he described them in the intro - “Hard working men and women, who earn an honest living, doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us.”

Mike posted on Facebook that the first new episode is done.

Adam “Man v. Food” Richman has been masking up for foodie episodes of “Modern Marvels”; his style is very similar to Mike’s.

First new episode is scheduled for the first Sunday of the new year! Not sure if Discovery or Discovery+.

Thanks! I’ll BOLO for them.

Mike’s 59. Shoveling horse manure will be a little harder. :wink:

He could still do things like fold down all the fingers except the middle one down on a heavy glove, which led to them fuzzying said glove.

It looks like it will be on Discovery. First episode January 2, 2022.

This is one of my 11 yo grandson’s favorite shows. He’ll be happy!

Maybe by now he’s got the hang of “righty-tighty lefty-loosey.” I hope he’s still nimble enough to squeeze through tiny holes into tanks full of something disgusting he has to scrub off.

Although my personal favorite is Chicken Busters, where he and a group of Miami city employees run around the city trying to catch feral chickens. It’s a funny concept to begin with and the Mike Rowe sense of humor puts it over the top.