great idea for "Dirty Jobs"

After the uproar of the Xmas day bomber, whole body scanners are being pushed in many airports. That gave me an absolutely hilarious idea. The Discovery channel’s “Dirty Jobs” show is always asking for ideas. This one would be great! Should I propose that Mike Rowe try out as the scanner guy at an airport? Talk about a dirty job! Not sure the TSA would go for it-but it would be great PR.

So, what does the Doper universe think of my idea? :slight_smile:

I think it’s great and you should propose it - but between security concerns with the TSA and standards for the show (there are certain things they won’t do or show) it might not happen. But it certainly can’t hurt to suggest it.

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reasonable choice.

I think Mike Rowe needs to go do another mosquito related “job” so we can see The Green-Haired Mosquito Girl again.

Dude - on a show that aired tonight, they were sucking out and biting sheep testicles in the process of castrating them. What exactly won’t they do or show?

I think it is entirely more likely that TSA won’t allow Mike in for security reasons.

Or get down and dirty with the girls in a revisit to the Le Brea Tar Pits. Mike even scored a sponge bath out of that one.

If you go to the Dirty Jobs website they actually mention some of that. It’s been awhile, so I can’t recall exactly what the rules were, but they do have some.

I think seeing Mike working as a scanner guy at the airport would be unpleasant, not to mention not ‘dirty’ enough. I’d be holding my breath waiting for some stressed-out passengers going off on him. (He has worked as a baggage handler putting stuff into the holds of planes.)

How about cleaning up porn store booths? Doesnt get any dirtier than that.

Apparently he had to lobby with Discovery Channel for a long time to get permission to film & air that particular job. Same with the cow rendering episode - and both had warnings/disclaimers before & during the segment. He’s been slowly pushing the boundaries into “where food comes from”, at least as regards mammalian food. Don’t know if we’ll ever see a slaughterhouse episode though.

You, sir or madam, have a sick mind. :smiley:


I think that was actually the first full episode I’ve actually watched, this past week.

According to Penn Jillette, the TSA]doesn’t allow filming of airport security stuff.

They are welcome to come by and help me out in the middle of the winter pulling iron caked pipes out of wells. Everything getting wet and freezing including myself. Fun times.

I think I remember that some movie wants some wide shots of an airport-and had to build their own. No airport was allowed to be in the film. They didn’t want a closeup of a hallway-they wanted the whole concourse. As I remember it, they found a large commercial building with creative angles and some set design, made it look enough like an airport terminal to work.
So I suspect my idea is pretty much out. :frowning:
Besides, someone came up with the even dirtier job of searching inmates when they check in to a prison. I think I would take the porn booth. Less chance of getting hit…

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Submit it!

Frakking hamsters. :mad: