Disable Smilies in this Post?

Every time I reply to a message, I see four boxes which can be left checked or unchecked: “Automatically parse URLs,” “Email Notification,” “Disable Smilies in this Post,” and “Show Signature.” The boxes are pretty much easy to understand, but what I want to know is simple: why would anyone want to disable smilies in their posts?

If they don’t want to have them on their screens, that’s one thing. And if they don’t want smilies clogging up their “action code” (ie. :jumps for joy: ), that’s another. But I can’t think of any other reasons why anyone wouldn’t want these pretty colored smilies in their posts; even better that they all have their own color! Of course, if I jsut answered my own question, so much the better, I suppose.

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I’ve done it before. Say I’m typing a thread about how great Flamsterette_X is, and as part of my post I include the following:

*… and she rocks.

::phones lawyer to check if Esprix’s copyright survived the crash.*

Without checking that box, the last line would come out:

::phones lawyer to check if Esprix’s copyright survived the crash.

It’s a nice feature.

Not to mention that it allows one poster (I’m afraid that sadly I cannot remember which) to include as their sig the immortal line:

Disable similes in this post.

I’ve always liked that. I like it as much as… no, hang on…


Why A Duck, I’ve seen a few posts here and there that have actually had smilies in the message where they were plainly not intended to be. I’m not sure it’s something I could do a search on, so I won’t. (besides which, it bogs down the search engine)

kabbes, I remember seeing that sig line a fair number of times; unfortunately, I can’t remember whose it’s supposed to be. Now, is this something I could do a search on? Very likely, if I remembered who it was, maybe.

Well, I did do a search, having nothing else better to do: I thought it was Jack Batty, but it wasn’t. Fortuitously, the poster with that sig (“Disable smilies in this post”) also posted to the thread I looked at… the answer is AHunter3.

Well done - always good to give credit where it is due.

the sig belongs to AHunter3.

Yes, that’s what I figured out already; but thanks anyways.

::enters thread belatedly::

::waves at everyone and bows::

::whacks head::

I always read that as “disable smilies”. Suddenly, AHunter3 is much wittier in my eyes. :slight_smile:

Me too, Narrad. Although I’m feeling a lot denser as a result.

Well, I’m not admittin’ to nuthin’. (Good one AHunter3)

I’m not sdmitting to anything, either… though I hope that doesn’t mean I have to do another search! Because I’m not doing it right now!

Plus some people just hate smilies. Where is ChiefScott, anyway?

It can also save a wee bit of load time… not much, but significant on a slow connection.

In addition to :dances around with magical pixies in their fabulous magical mountain village: action-type posts, it can screw up coding in a similar way.

Which is what I have… and I do not know where ChiefScott is, but maybe he’ll show up in this thread.


Sdmitting? Is that an SDMB-specific form of owning up to what you did? I like that… it ain’t admitted until it’s been sdmitted in public…

Well, I remember trying to correct my typo as soon as I noticed it, but was stymied by the “60 seconds in between posts” rule. Although I guess it sounds neat that way, too… shrug

I hate smilies like I hate Egyptian beer.

Disable smilies and similies in this post.

It’s especially helpful in Why a Duck’s example if your screen name begins with a D or P.


::Dooku forgets once again to disable smilies::


I figured it was something that sdimbert would do.