Disappearing "Member" status

I’m seeing a lot of posters in threads who have a blank space where the word “Member” would normally go. Why is this?

An example is the original poster of this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=22232

That’s an old thread that was posted when we still used UBB. The conversion process to vB has some glitches: this is one of them.

Actually, this is a relatively recent issue, which was discussed here last week (I won’t go search up the threads right now, 'cause the boards are crawling). It seems that at some point last week, everyone’s member status got nulled, and as each individual member posts, that status gets restored. On old threads, you’ve just got a lot of folks who don’t post anymore, so they haven’t gotten unnulled yet.

What he said.

If it bugs you too much, send me the names and I’ll go in and fix 'em manually. (Which is what I’ve been doing as I find them, there’s no way I can search for them in a pile.)

your humble TubaDiva

I stand corrected!

…or it could be some posters don’t have a member. :wink:

About 50% of us!


50% of posters don’t have members? How do they type?