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I notice in two threads (Euty’s MPSIMS thread about post parties and spritle’s ATMB thread about Tuba) that the status space for all non-mod/admins is blank.

Is something being phased out of the software, or is my computer just acting funky?

I’ve noticed in about six different threads so far. Except it’s pretty random- some have member under their names, some don’t.

I think it’s back up now. Or else it’s affecting random people.

If/when the problem (or glitch, or hallucinating iampunha) goes away, feel free to lock and delete this thread. No sense in wasting space on a thread that doesn’t apply anymore:)

Naah, I’ve seen it too. I think it’s some sort of temporary weirdness, not sure what’s causing it.

I’ll refer this to the techs, but that in no way means we’ll have an explanation. However, let’s see.

your humble TubaDiva
Administrator threadid=58241
General Questions > What do the initials stand for in “M & M’s”?
02-01-2001 03:35 PM threadid=57847
About This Message Board > Hey, Tuba…
01-30-2001 06:42 AM threadid=58145
MPSIMS > I Hate Clowns
01-31-2001 10:59 PM

Wonder if they are going to try one of the “special names” options like on OpalCat’s FFF board where they have funny titles depending on how many posts you have, like Fancy Bloomers, Fancy Pants, Fanatics and Überfanatics. (She has UBB software, I know, but maybe it’s optional with vB)

:eek: I guess TubaDiva posted while I was collecting links.
If she doesn’t know, then it must be a fluke.

General Questions > What do the initials stand for in “M & M’s”?
02-01-2001 03:35 PM

About This Message Board > Hey, Tuba…
01-30-2001 06:42 AM

MPSIMS > I Hate Clowns
01-31-2001 10:59 PM

Also here:
General Questions–>temblor?

Guys, I’m thinking that it’s by and large random across the boards… it’s probably not worth the time to research and post links.

Still happening. All over the place.

And Generalissimo Franco is still dead.

Perhaps it’s just general strain on the server? I mean, it’s basically running full-tilt now… perhaps it’s skipping over a few of the smaller parts of displaying a page?

Just speculation, because it’s almost 4:00 AM…

I’m noticing that it’s posts made on 02-02-2001 between about 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. CST, more or less. In my IMHO “XFL” thread, there are several posts in a row during this time slot with no “member” designation. It doesn’t seem to be related to registration date.

Uhmm…I just noticed something else rather odd that might be related to this whole ‘poster’s status not showing up’ deal. In several threads I’ve browsed today, such as this one, andros shows up with a post count of…zero.


Yeah, I was just coming in to post that, schief2. And in his profile under Last Post, it says “never,” even though I opened the profile from one of his posts.

This is adding up all creepy-like. It reminds me of the “ghost poster” phenomenon of a few months back.

I just checked my own status (I usually just lurk) and it was hosed. I’m only posting this now to see if it helps (?!?!?!?!?)

I think I’ve got it: First, everyone who posted in the time frame mentioned by Duck Duck Goose got their profile screwed up. Then, everyone who posted again after that time frame, their profile recovered.

I still don’t have any idea why this would happen, but at least we maybe know what happened, now.

Thanks for the idea, SaintAlphonso

I checked the Hey, Tuba… thread and found 4 people with no status.[ul][li]Spritle - last posted 02-02-2001 8:58 AM[/li][li]Zev_Steinhardt - last posted 02-01-2001 1:55 PM[/li][li]Ukulele Ike - last posted 02-02-2001 12:09 PM[/li][li]Five - last posted 02-02-2001 2:05 PM [/ul]I then followed Spritle to the Freak Accidents!! thread and added 2 more to the list. [ul]Eve - last posted 02-02-2001 2:39 PM[/li][li]Myron Van Horowitzski - last posted 01-31-2001 11:26 AM[/li][li]Hi, Opal[/ul] So, it seems that none ot these people posted in the time frame that DDG mentioned. It may have been when the problem showed up, but posting during that time frame doesn’t seem to be the key.[/li]
Also, Andros posted twice to the thread mentioned by SaintAlphonso at 02-03-2001 12:39 PM & 02-03-2001 5:56 PM. Since SA posted at 02-03-2001 3:54 PM, if SA saw a post count of zero, then it had to be the 02-03-2001 12:39 PM post and it has corrected itself now. All this is outside the time frame mentioned by DDG.

I’m clueless what the pattern is, but just pointing out what is doesn’t seem to be.


Remember that time when the “Last Post” disappeared from the profiles.

At that time IIRC the software setting had been toggled off and then on again.

So anyone who had posted in the middle of the change was automatically corrected when they next posted.

OK, then, how about this: It happened to everyone at DDG’s time, and then got fixed for everyone who posted after? It certainly seems to be fixing for anyone who posts, at least.

Lemme go dig up some old threads and see what inactive folks look like…

OK, here’s the scoop. In every old thread I’ve found, all of the folks with a membership status have posted since T[sub]ddg[/sub], and all of the folks without have not posted since then. Moderators, administrators, and banned persons (regardless of actual title) appear to be unaffected. Can anyone find a counterexample?