Disappearing posts

I have a question regarding post counts.

I assume its policy to “disappear” spam threads? If so, I assume that posts replying to the original spam OP are also disappeared, correct?

For members with post counts, does the post count reflect the posts being disappeared? For example, I reply to a spam post, increasing my post count to 11. The mods then disappear the thread, does my post count go back to 10, or remain at 11?

This is important stuff, so I will be selectively breeding puppies to have massive heads until somebody provides an answer!

You keep your count. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen my number go down after a thread was sent into the cornfield.

It depends on what we do. Sometimes we delete the post, other times we just remove it from public view. If we delete the OP of a thread, then the entire thread is deleted and your post count would go back to 10. If we just remove the thread, then your post count would stay at 11 even though you couldn’t see the 11th post.

I just checked the profiles of a spammer, all of whose posts have been disappeared. Its profile shows a post count, so that disappeared posts still register in the count.

In most cases posts by regular posters replying to or reporting the spam are also disappeared.

In the case of a post being completely deleted it won’t show up in the post count.