Searching for posts in all the wrong places

  1. Do posts of ours that get “sent to the cornfield” or “disappeared” for various reasons(reporting spam posts, or being part of a thread that just had to go) get added to our post total?
  2. Would there be a way to find out have many of our posts have been taken for this ride?

Yes. The “cornfield” is just a hidden forum that only mods have access to. The software doesn’t distinguish between posts in that forum, or posts in other forums.

So far as I know, there’s no way to filter out posts in those forums from your overall post count.

If a thread has been moved to the cornfield, those posts will still count toward your post total. Also, a post report generates a new post in a hidden forum that counts towards your total.

However, a soft-deleted post, as in a “reported” post of spam in a thread, does not appear in your post count. (The post can still be retrieved by the mods, though.)

Only by searching for and totaling all your posts in each visible forum and calculating the difference from your post count. However, since you can get only a maximum of 1000 posts per forum this way (you can display the first and last 500 posts in a forum), it won’t work if you have a large post count.