The cornfield and post numbering

In this thread

reference was made to what looked to be a banned poster creating a new name and getting several posts in. By the time I hit the links it looks like said sock and posts were off to the cornfield. But then another person referenced it all and I checked again looking at the post numbers wondering if I was missing something.

Which brought up the question in my brain: when a Mod sends a post off to the cornfield do the numbers adjust accordingly? If said post is #10 does #11 become the new visible #10?

Yeah ---- no great rift in the universe or anything but I’m just curious how that works.

When posts are deleted, the numbering of posts within the thread is adjusted.

On the other hand, when a post is deleted the post count of the poster decreases, even though the post still exists in an alternate dimension.

To clarify, it was determined that the similarity in names was apparently coincidental and the posts have been restored.

No problem; I figure the cornfield is something I would rather think of in mythical terms than know the details of: I was just curious about the numbers aspect. I know it isn’t the first time something like this happened but it is the first time it crossed my radar and I figured to ask in a new thread since it was a general question and not linked to this instance per se.