Post count, threading messed up

Look at this picture


Notice the timeline bar on the right says there are 132 posts in the topic. But clearly you can see Cheesesteak’s post #133. And there have been three hours to update the count, if that was the issue.

Notice that I have expanded the replies, but the reply to post #133 is post #132. I understand how it happens, but coming from threaded forum experience it confused me at first to see the “1 Reply” and no subsequent posts. I thought there might be a problem loading the topic.

And the jump-to-post arrow (under where the tooltip reads “share a link to this post”) is pointing the wrong way.


The post numbers sometimes don’t match the various Total Posts counts. I just assume that something got cornfielded or otherwise mucked around with. The link will still take you to the right post.

If we’re talking about the same jump-to-post arrow, the ones under x replies are supposed to point down because they take you down to the reply.

Yep. In this case, post 60 was deleted.

In my opinion, that is a bug (although a minor one).

But in this case, the reply is up, not down.


What the…? It shouldn’t be possible for a reply to be listed before the post it was replying to.

Only thing I can think is that JaneDoe edited the earlier post to include a response to cheesesteak’s slightly later post.

ETA for testing:

That was the confusing part - the threading seems to be messed up.


'K, that seems to be the way (or at least a way) that it could be done. It’s fairly difficult to do, though, since if you try to insert a later post, the software will either ask you to cancel your edit or blank your entire edit.

You have to reply to the later post, copy it from your reply box, cancel the reply, then edit your earlier post and paste in the quote from the later post.

Or edit your reply, then do a select-quote.