My post count is messed up!

This post, made this afternoon at 3:38, was numbered 3599. I still have the page open here in Netscape.

The next post I made was #16 in this thread at 10 PM. Just as I hit Submit, the board went down, and the page hung there for awhile. Some minutes later, the post went through. I noticed that I needed to make a correction to it, so that was post #19 to the same thread. Both of those posts say #3600. Except the latter should be 3601.

What gives?

Obviously, with only 3600 posts, youse is a newbie, and not worthy of SDMB. Is that why you are worried about getting credit for 3601, which makes you a veteran and Wise One?

Your post count changes every time you post, even on your old posts. If you were to go back to the very first post you ever made, your current post count will show. :slight_smile:

Yeah, exept it’s at least one short, that I know about. The page has hung many, many times just as I hit the Submit button, but I never noticed whether there was a post count anomaly. This one should be 3603.

Look on the bright side. You now have a new sig line: Fishbicycle…one post short of a full count.

I’ll have to get that on a T-shirt!

I don’t care about the actual number. I was more interested in the hiccup that caused the number to go off by one. Anyone got any ideas on that?

Well, one plausible explanation is if one of your 3,60x posts was in a thread that ended up being removed because the OP either lives under a bridge or was a sock puppet. I once spent a good hour writing a detailed and intelligent response to a clown who was banned and his threads removed – including that particular post. :frowning:

This has happened to some of my posts as well.
Deleting the whole thread instead of just the troll/sock posts, has to do with the continuity of the thread.

Or something.

Two problems, different but related:

  1. You cannot delete the OP and have a thread stand. On quite rare occasions, a moderator will delete the content of a troll’s OP because there’s good reason to preserve the rest of the thread, substituting a note on what he did and why. But far more often, the whole thread has to be trashed.

  2. Moderators will do their level best to clean up a trainwreck resulting from a troll/sock invasion of a “good” thread, usually successfully. But from my experience elsewhere, I’m confident that there are threads that are impervious to a cleanup – there’s far more interaction based on the troll incursion, people quoting the troll and reacting to his inanity, people quoting the people who quoted the troll, and so on, than there is non-troll-related posting, so that the whole thread becomes a lost cause. And those no doubt get trashed as well.

What Polycarp said.

We do our best to preserve the integrity and history of the Boards, but it is also our policy to delete any post made by socks, multiple-identity folks who are trying to sneak out of payingup, and pure spammers. Sometimes, we don’t catch these folks until considerable conversation has gone on, and then we do our best to balance our two goals.

As a reminder to those unaware: we don’t have any real power to stop invading spammers or cheaters in advance, unfortunately. We do have the power to ban each identity and cause their existence to “disappear” after the fact, and we hope that knowledge will discourage them.

Uh…yeah, that was the “or something” part.

Geez, I wish I had the kind of life where something so trivial could matter so much.

The board is constantly updating and will catch up sooner or later. Obviously later in this case. Ain’t no big deal.

Hey Tuba, you want to talk down to somebody, get yourself a goddamned dog.

I come in to ask a question about a glitch in the software and this is the kind of response I get from the people in charge? Get over yourself, you condescending so-and-so.

Interesting. So the post I made last night in the disappeared thread “Excaliber [sic] is a fucking retard” has been deducted from my post count?

Suddenly I feel like I just took a big, relieving poo. What say ye, Eddy Teddy Freddy?

You’re gonna clean that up, right? :dubious:

Naw, eBay’ll take care of it.

WHAT??? One of my dynamic drive-bys has been dumped into the dustbin of Doperdom? DAMN!

:: runs off to check backup post-count records ::

Wait, what?

It’s true, it’s true. You were lambasted, the two of us roasted you and then we were tragically, without warning, all three of us disappeared. It’s like my Declaration of “Fucktard” never existed. ;D


So why are all the Google ads right now for puppets?


Oh, yeh, Excalibre, we got off some truly vicious shots at your unprotected back, spewed some deliciously vile vituperation. sniff Now it’s gone, all gone, before you could see it and be haunted by our devastating critiques for the rest of your miserable life.

And to think I used up a month’s worth of bile, all for naught! :mad: