Disappearing Threads...

I posted a question within the last 30 days, I’m sure, asking about those credit management companies and how they work. And, I know someone answered something about a “credit council”, or variations thereof. Now, I have searched for this thread (which I started) every possible way, across all forums, over the last 6 months, and I can’t find it! :confused:

Even using the most general search criteria, the thread doesn’t come up! Why? This isn’t the first time I’ve had this happen, but this thread is more important to me than others seemingly lost in the past. What’s going on here, and is there any hope of still retrieving this thread?

Please help! :mad: (mad at myself for losing this thread!)
Any advice?

  • Jinx


Is this the one you’re looking for?


Yeah, Ruby…that’s the one. I found it, too. I think it’s those FOUR letter words that give the search engine trouble…and then I have a few choice FOUR letter words of my own! :mad: Grrr! Also, when I searched by the most general criteria, at first I didn’t stop to realize the results continued on additional screens… so 50 lashes with a wet noodle!

50x :smack:


Also, if you started a thread, you’re automatically subscribed to it. (Right?) So you could go to user control panel and adjust subscribed threads to 30 days and it should have shown up.

I don’t think you are automatically subscribed to a thread you start. I say that because I just checked my profile and it shows no subscribed threads for the last 60 days.

That’s right, I set it up in options to send e-mail notfications.

You can always search for posts you have written.