Searching my threads?

I keep trying to search the current threads I reply to but when I do all I get is stuff I posted two months ago.

When I post to a thrad it’s usually because I feel strongly about the subject, and I hardly ever note the title or user name. It is making me pretty crazy.

Wow, that sounded pretty incoherent, pretty much I can’t get what I want. New shit that I posted.

Do you have “Sort results by” set to “Last posting date” and “in descending order”? That should give you your most recent posts first.

BTW, this should probably be in ATMB rather than GQ. I’m sure a mod will be along shortly to relocate it.

how are you doing it? typing your name into the “search” box or clicking on your name, going to your profile, and clicking, “find all posts by Abby_Emma_Sasha”?

… because the second one is how I do it and it’s always worked just fine for me

(I suspect this belongs in ATMB.)

Have you tried Search -> Advanced Search ? You can then search by user name for recent posts - on the left, specify “Find posts from a week ago and newer” (or similar).
ETA: Simulpost.

You can also just click on your name in any of your posts and select “Find all posts by Abby_Emma_Sasha

Yeah I am doing search all posts by “me”. And I only get stuff I posted weeks ago.

My membership is not up yet. I still have a couple of weeks.

Another option is to subscribe to the threads you feel strongly about when you post to them.

Then you can click on “Subscribed Threads” under the “Quick Links” menu at the top of the page.

Here’s something to try: do a search, and when the wrong results come up, hit “Refresh”/“Reload” on your browser. Perhaps your browser cached that page and isn’t showing you the current version.


Moved to ATMB.


I searched for your most recent posts. The first was your last post in this thread. The 25th was this post in the Pit:

07-29-2007, 12:14 PM
Bigotry is Alive and Well in Idaho

You can do that automatically using User CP -> Edit Options -> Default Thread Subscription Mode

I clicked see all posts by Abby_Emma_Sasha, and found this It has 16 pages of posts, the first being from 8/29/2006 titled “New subscriber here.”

Links to search results decay within an hour. After that, everyone sees a “Sorry - no matches.” message.