Any way to search through your older posts?

I’m looking through my old posts and just noticed that it stops at 750! Is there any way to look back at earlier posts? Since the boards are archived, I assumed all my posts I’ve ever posted would have been there

Play with the “Find Posts from” date and the “and Newer”/“and Older.”

For example, since you joined in 2008, you can search for posts from 4 years ago and newer or 3 years ago and older to find your earliest posts.

Or, use Google to search.

You can get your first 750 posts by setting “sort results” to “ascending order.” (Descending order is the default and will return your last 750 posts.)

You can also search by individual forum. By sorting ascending and descending, that should get all your posts as long as you don’t have more than 1,500 in any one forum.

In addition, if you’re searching just for threads you started, you can click on your User CP, under Your Control Panel click Your Profile, and then choose the Statistics tab. You will then have an option to “Find all threads started by <yourname>”.

Do you subscribe to threads you post in? If so, you can go to your control panel ( click on User CP at the top left of every thread) then click on the link view all subscribed threads. It will show all threads you’ve participated in, and not limited to 750.

If you don’t autosubscribe then use the methods listed in previous posts in this thread, and subscribe to each one manually. It’ll take you a few hours, but its worth it.

One additional tip for searching. Make sure your search results return threads, not posts. It’s still limited to 750 results, but if you had posted an average of 2 times per thread, that would give you 1500 of your posts.