Searching for old posts

Is there any way to locate a post beyond the searchable 750 post for each poster??

or am I missing something ??

There are some ways, but nothing perfect. You can do a second **advanced ** search for the specific user with the Find Posts from A Year Ago and older. This will pick up more posts, but still might not help for many posters.

You can also narrow your search to just a single forum and thus get the last 750 posts pit posts the user made as an example.

You can look for just threads started by the User of course. I think we only have one user with more than 750 Ops.

Of course if you are looking for a specific posts the user made, you can in the advance search, add a few words on the subject for the user.

None of these methods are great, but it is three you can try. Hopefully a few more are suggested that I am not aware of or forgot to mention.



Thanx !

For the benefit of us scoring at home, who might that be?

PM or Email me and I’ll pass on that tidbit.


I was trying to be discreet, but yes, that is the poster I had in mind.

I must admit that I was initially puzzled by your reticence, but after I’d posted I remembered some Pit shenanigans re thread starting. Oh well.

Here’s a trick someone posted previously.

Perform the search sorted by thread start date/last posting date ascending. That’ll give you the earliest results for your search. Combine that with the latest 750, and you can get up to 1500 results. However, if there would be more that, the ones in the middle can’t be found this way.

If you’re searching for a particular user, note that the last posting date refers to the last post in the thread, not the latest post of the user in that thread.

There is at least one other poster who has started even more threads than the one previously mentioned. I wasn’t aware of the controversy, so I won’t name him/her, but anyone who frequents GQ will know who I mean. Email me if you’re curious.