Disappearing threads?

Earlier today, I answered (to the best of my limited knowledge) a question about junk-rigged boats in GQ. And now the thread is gone. Doesn’t appear to have been moved anywhere else – just vanished.

Is this a database bug, or was the thread deliberately yanked?

My experience is that SDMB threads don’t normally simply “disappear”. It’s rare even for threads containing messy bannings or bizarre trollery to be simply deleted. Usually overt “visit my website!” spam is deleted, but that’s about it.

So a Search for “junk” in GQ turning up nothing, I did a Search for all posts under your name, and voila! It turned up, in Great Debates.


That’s weird, because I did a search under my name and couldn’t find it. And did a global search for “junk” and couldn’t find it.

So now we’ve widened the possible sources of weirdness to the database, the search engine, or me.

Thanks, though.

I just did a global search for “junk” (all forums, any date and newer, results as posts) and found the thread.

I’ve found that when I do a search for a thread that I posted the same day they aren’t available until the next day. This particular message, if I were to log off and then return and type in my username and find results. This thread wouldn’t be included. I noticed this back when the last upgrade was made. Hadn’t mentioned it before. I just figured it was something that’d be worked out eventually.

Your experience has been totally opposite of mine. There have been several threads removed lately due to trolls/socks. There have even been several threads just like this one, asking where the others went.

Ever since they upgraded the vbulletin software, the search function has been flaky. If you do a search for “any date” or “last 6 months”, etc any very recent threads will usually be missing from the results. If you search for “yesterday” or “since your last visit”, you will usually find those recent threads.

I don’t know why it broke, but I wish somebody would fix it.

Thanks Manduck. I came to this forum to see if others had the very problem you describe. I am glad it is a recognised (at least by you) malady.

It is very annoying - please can someone fix this.