Disappearing Words?

Different words can have meanings that vary somewhat from region to region within a country. Some words seem to be used in some areas, but not in others. Regardless, some words that one may have heard spoken semi-regularly once, seem to disappear from use over time. This could be because one is living in a different region, or merely that the word has slowly dropped from common conversation.

There are many words that are quite appropriate when written, but might seem out of place in everyday usage. This list begins with a few words that I have used and heard now and then in the past, in midwestern USA, but have no recollection of recent usage on the left coast:[ul][li]tallywhacker-what a young lad would proudly use to write his name in the snow[]davenport-that well cushioned old couch that one was allowed on if clean and sweat-free[]carbuncle-that funny bump on cousin Billy’s left shoulder blade that when poked meant you better be ready to run[]dungarees-pretty good pants that aged quite well as Mom used the old to patch the new[]?[/ul][/li]
Also, we once ‘put up’ groceries when we got home. Now we put them away. Power to a building or device was ‘cut off’. Now it is turned or shut off.


Bumfuddled–Confused, baffled. Just try saying it out loud.