Disaster for Israel

Jordan is the only semi friendly face that the zionists have in the region.

To lose them is a big disaster.

How much longer will Americans support the zionist entity and wage war on the rest of the region for them?

As the only functioning democracy in the area, which has a significantly better track record in women’s rights and religious freedoms in their country and is a beacon for science and technological innovation, a very long time, I hope.

Wow, did I miss a lot of wars, or are you just grossly exaggerating?

Is Jordan capable of causing a disaster to anyone under any circumstances?

Uncle, why is it after numerous posts in which you made references to “Israel” with no hesitation do you suddenly start referring to it as “the Zionist entity” like you’re Ahmad Shukairy?

Yeah, I’m not sure it’s a disaster. In 24 hours will this even be remembered?

I think Turkey and Lebanon would object to the first(though thanks to four invasions by Israel as well as the Syrians they’ve had issues). As for “religious freedoms”, I’d rather be a Christian in Lebanon than in Israel and until the American invasion of Iraq and the current Syrian Civil War, I’d have said the same about them, with caveats.

Sadly enough, one of the things we Muslims and the Israeli Jews have in common is we’re both very good at treating the region’s native Christians like shit and we’re having a stiff competition to see who can kick out more Christians quicker.

Probably not.

Jordan pretty regularly puts out stuff like this all the time to make themselves look tough on the Jews.

Hell it’s nothing like the 50 hour Indiana Jones-like miniseries the Egyptians put out about the Protocol of the Elders of Zion.


What’s so bad about being a Christian in Israel?

Trying to get people to say “Happy Holidays.”

You mean with all those other wars, they have a War on Christmas, too?

I couldn’t disagree with everything you said more if I tried.

Well, Hanukkah.

Ask the Arab Israelis.

Christian Palestinians are treated pretty badly by both the Israeli Jews and the Palestinian Muslims.

There’s a reason there are now more Palestinian Christians living in Chile than in “Palestine”.

You think there’s not a lot of discrimination against Christians in the Middle East?:dubious

That’s a bit odd.

In the Middle East, of course. In Israel specifically… :dubious

Even most Israelis would cringe at that statement.

If you don’t believe me, talk to some Arab Israelis.

What do the opinions of Arab Israelis have to do with the treatment of Christian Israelis? Or are you suggesting that all Christian Israelis are Arabs, because that’d be news to my entire family that lives and works in Israel.

Are they discriminated against because they are Christians or because they are Arab?