Disco Sucks

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Comiskey Park Disco Sucks promotion. Were any of you Dopers there?

Let’s wait for four months and celebrate the 33-and-a-third anniversary!

A close friend of mine was at it (sadly he is not a doper) and he has some great memories. He still gets annoyed at how it’s been portrayed by some media articles as some anti-gay, anit-black riot when it wasn’t.

I wasn’t there but I did watch it live on TV. Even that was pretty freaky.

My older brother (who was 17 at the time) and some of his friends went to the ballpark, but it was sold out before they got there. I kept looking for him in the crowd, and was actually disappointed when I found out later he wasn’t there.

I was 15 years old and spending the summer with my grandparents in Granite City, a St. Louis suburb. I remember the TV news coverage of the event that night.

I was there a few days later when my Dad brought me to a game. I was 10. I got slapped in the back of my head for picking up a broken 45, while walking through the parking lot, and flinging it as far as I could. What’s a 10 year old boy supposed to do with 1/2 of a 45 rpm record??