Discover, History, and Nat Geo Channel Specials Light on Content Compared to Wikipedia

Yeah, I know TV is a different medium, and an hour show is maybe 45 minutes after commercials, but lately I’ve noticed that if a subject on any of these hour long specials piques my interest, looking up the subject on Wikipedia provides me with much more in-depth information and it’s not piecemealed out over an hour.

Sure, it’s a visual medium, and a narrator can only read so fast compared to the viewer reading material themselves. That aside, anyone else feel that these programs are scraping by with a bare minimum of content?

As an example, I recently caught a special on the Kensington Runestone, which, judging it to likely be a hoax, I didn’t feel like investing an hour of my time on the couch watching it - though I was intrigued. So I wiki it while the show plays in the background, and there’s at least five times the info and I get through it in under a quarter of the show’s running time.