Kensington Rune Stone - Want a few reviewers for new short story

This is a long short story about the origin of the Kensington Rune stone, a carved stone uncovered by a Minnesota farmer in 1898, which is said to be evidence that Norse explorers visited MN long before Columbus. It is dated 1362.

The story will not work well for those who don’t know the story of the runestone. But, I would like a couple well-versed readers, and a couple who know nothing about the KRS, but are willing to do a little background reading I will give you, before reading the story.

It is titled “Far To The West Of Vinland.” Those words are on the stone.

If interested, email me at [email deleted].

If the story is published, are you going to require all the readers to do background reading, too?

If people need to be well versed in the story of the stone to understand the story, then it’s time to rethink the story.

When you write your story, you can do it your way.

I **do **do it my way. And I get my stories (about 50 so far, including two novels) published in pro markets.

If someone has to be well-versed in arcane knowledge to understand a story, then the story is a failure. Are you going to ask an editor to read up on the runestone before reading your story? It will be rejected on that cover letter alone.

If information about the stone is essential for understanding the story, then put the information in the story.

I spent a couple of years fascinated with the KRS, and saw it in the museum in maybe 1975. So?

My wife and I stopped in Alexandria last summer and we toured their museum (which in addition to the runestone is nicely done; I’d recommend a visit). I’d be willing to read your story (PM sent), but I’ll come at it from a skeptical point of view if that’s OK.

Shiloh2013, we’re not here to provide readers for off-board projects. If you want to do something like this, you need mod permission in advance.