Dishwasher problems

I am installing laminate flooring in my kitchen. So not to block my dishwasher in, I took it out to put the flooring in. I screwed the DW legs up 3/8" so it would fit in the same place. I then re-installed the DW. It runs but won’t drain.

I took it out again to give it a look-over. As far as I can tell, there is nothing blocking the strainer and the pump seems fine, but I can’t tell if the pump is working or not. Re-installing it is a PITA and I would like to make sure it’s working before doing through that again.

A couple questions:

  1. What could be wrong with it?

  2. Is there anyway to test if it works without hooking up the water (in and out). I was thinking of running it in my garage. I can wire it, dump some hot water into it, and turn it on to see if it pumps. Would that be conclusive?

I believe aside from making sure you are still level after adjusting the legs, there are specifications as to how high to loop the drainage line. If isn’t high enough, or it is too high, it won’t work.

Depending on how the wiring was done, it may be possible to get it reversed. Check the pump’s rotation before running it for more than a split second.

Is your drain hose blocked or kinked?

Running it in the garage should be ok. If you feel brave, you might be able to jumper out the leads to the pump (120 volts) with a little water in the DW just to see if it works. Be careful around hot circuits though, we don`t want to see you get hurt.
Also, the problem could be a float switch or whatever device starts and stops the pump. You may have to trace out the electrical schematic with a voltmeter and check the controls that kick the pump in.

No way would adjusting the puppy by 3/8" cause the problem!

Something became disconnected when you moved it…some ground wire or something for the pump.

Dishwashers can pump ‘up’, just like washing machines.

The hose is kinked or the pump is off because of a loose wire or something.

Something happened when you were adjusting it, but it wasn’t the height adjustment itself.

How level does it have to be? It’s a pretty snug fit under the countertop, and visually looks the same. I will get the level out next time I re-install it.

Does the drainage hose have to loop up? Now that I think about it, there is a plastic cord that holds the hose up. I didn’t use it when I re-installed it because I just couldn’t get the hose to reach. This cord would only loop up a couple inches. It does eventually loop up by the time it reaches the disposal, which is a few feet away. I’m pretty sure the hose is clear, but I will check that too.

I’m sure the wiring is done correctly. white to white; black to black; green to green. The DW motor seems to run fine.

whuckfistle, I’m not ready to go that far with the wiring. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll let my neighbor try that.

The float does turn off the faucet, so to speak, as the DW is filled with water, but it doesn’t overflow.

I’ll bet you just pinched the drainhose when you re-installed it. Take it out and carefully watch what happens to the hose as you push the washer back into its cubby-hole.

BTW - Can you hear the pump kick in when it tries to drain?

I have not listened closely enough to tell. For one thing, since I didn’t replace the lower panel when I did rerun it, it already sounded different. I will keep an ear out the next time I run it.

Good thought. I will recheck the wires thoroughly tonight. I don’t have a voltmeter, so it will be just a tightness check, if you will.