Disjointed On Netflix

I searched and it doesn’t look as if there has been a thread about this show yet.

It’s a Netflix comedy about a group of people in a California medical pot dispensary. I could do without the canned laughter, and it’s corny AF, but it’s also poignant, relevant, and fucking HILARIOUS.

The critics absolutely hate this show, calling it one of the worst things Netflix has ever done. The audiences seem to disagree, however: it gets 81% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, vs. 26% from critics.

Have you seen it?

I couldn’t get through the first episode. The gags were just plain stupid and as broad as a barnside. A real waste of my time and their talent.

I got about 10 minutes into the first episode and then I thought: “Why am I watching this when I could be watching a Seinfeld rerun?”

It might have been less painful without the studio audience.

I made it through the first episode, but just barely. It was pretty bad. The writing was terrible.

Well I enjoyed the whole season. Maybe it got better after that first episode. :slight_smile:

Tried it since I saw the topic here.
Sorry, couldn’t get through 10 minutes. That has to be the most painfully awful thing I’ve seen in years.

Buncha critics in here!

The trailer was enough discouragement for me.

I never watch anything with canned laughter–so that immediately killed any thought of looking at a trailer of this.

Wow, I expected this show to get more sympathy here. It takes some getting used to, but as for me, they had me in the first scene, where the Chinese girl described herself as the “tokin’ Asian.”

It is The Big Bang Theory for stoners. Pandering, poorly done and not funny.

Count me as another one who didn’t make it through the first commercial break.

Well, I loved it. P1 is better than P2 episodes though.

I’ve watched a fair bit of this and I can say that it gets better.

Not great, never great. But it grows into a decent place. And a lot of the fake commercials are downright hilarious.

It also has one cool innovation that every Netflix show needs to follow. After the first episode, it fast-forwards through the intro on every episode. I don’t mean that Netflix automatically clicks the “skip intro” button for you. I mean that the showrunners realized that absolutely nobody wants to watch the intro of a show over and over again and they just do a cute little high-pitched fast-forward thingy instead.

I am pretty sure that the writers were all stoners. It isn’t great but it was amusing enough. I like Dank and Dabby.

I couldn’t get past the presentation. Was really not expecting a traditional three-camera sitcom, complete with canned laughter.

I tweeted to Chris Redd (Dank) and Betsy Sodaro (Dabby) how much I love the show, especially Dank & Dabby. Both of them liked my tweet, as did a few other people associated with the show behind the scenes.

I’m not sure what Chris Redd’s new job at Saturday Night Live is going to do to Dank & Dabby (should Netflix renew the show, natch). I suppose he could knock out a season’s worth of shooting in his summer off from SNL, though.

I would agree with you, but for the fact that I love that song! I also like the movie clips.*

*Speaking of those movie clips, I figured they were from Reefer Madness. I was wrong. They’re actually from Marijuana: The Weed With Roots From Hell.

I have to say, I was put off by this, too. However, I guess it’s a thing Netflix is doing now for some of its original content, so I figured I might as well accept it. That made getting into Disjointed a lot easier.

My husband and I watched the first 3 episodes last night and figured it was okay. I don’t like the canned laughter and find Dank & Dabby really annoying, but other than that we’re going to stick with it. It’s fun to watch Kathy Bates in a comedy role. It’s fun seeing Nicole Sullivan again too, I enjoyed her on MadTV.

She’s also the nosey neighbor on Black-ish.